Watch what happens when a LEGO skateboard is put to test

Lego Skateboard
What would happen if you try drop-in and kick-flips on LEGO skateboard? To answer this, Braille Skateboarding has now posted a video showing some skateboarders beat a LEGO skateboard to death. Peter Brown from Shop Time made a skateboard out of LEGO bricks and epoxy only to put its endurance to a tough test. To the surprise of all, the skateboard lasted longer than they had expected. Read More…

Kodak’s photography-special Ektra smartphone with 21 MP rear camera


Kodak Smartphone

Photo: Kodak

Kodak has decided to experiment with mobile phone production as point-and-shoot cameras are facing overwhelming competition from multi-tasking smarthpones or portable devices. The company announced the Kodak Ektra based on one of its old models it had launched in 1941. The phone will be manufactured by electronic manufacture Bullitt, and is priced at £450. Read More…

Researchers reveal 3D printed hands can fool fingerprint scanners

3D Printed Hand Replicas

Two researchers from Michigan State University, Kai Cao and Anil K. Jain, have developed skin-like 3D printed hand replicas to standardize calibration of fingerprint scanners. However, the team found out that these 3D printed hands offer a relatively cheap and effective way to beat fingerprint readers. This means identity thieves can easily replicate a human hand – all they need to do is lift a fingerprint off of the fingerprint scanner, scan it, format it, and print out a copy. Read More…

Superdad Ryan builds awesome ‘Ghostbuster Ecto-1’ for his paraplegic son

Superdad Ryan builds Ecto-1

Super dad Ryan Scott Miller is back with another marvelous Halloween costume for his 9-years-old paraplegic son Jeremy, who is suffering from ‘spina bifida’. It means he has not developed his spine properly in accordance to his age and he always needs his wheelchair to move around. Earlier, Ryan had built a cool ‘Star Wars Snowspeeder’ around Jeremy’s wheelchair. This time, it’s the Ecto-car featured in “Ghostbusters”. Jeremy is a big fan of Ghostbusters, so his dad thought it would be another special gift for him. Read More…

Leaked video shows Xiaomi’s bendable touch-screen in action

Xiaomi bendable touchscreen

Image credit

Smartphone manufacturers are trying to pack every available and feasible technology into their new products. Away from technical specification, now bendable screen or bendable smartphones have attracted attention of smartphone/device brands like Samsung, LG, and Lenovo. Samsung had already hinted about two of its upcoming bendable screen phones. One of them can be folded into half, while the other one unfurls into a notepad. However, bendable screens still remain in prototype stage and consumers have seen such products mostly in leaked images. Read More…

Xiaomi Vphone S8: Smallest touch-screen smartphone with just 1.54-inch display


A new touch-screen smartphone ‘Xiaomi Vphone S8’ launched yesterday, claims to be the smallest in its category with a display measuring just 1.4-inch. Its 2.5D curved glass screen is brushed with metal frame and aluminum-magnesium alloy body. The design is minimal and features only one main (power) button and three virtual controls. In first look, it appears identical to the available smartwatches in the market. Indeed, it is sort of smartphone cum smartwatch. It has a speaker and microphone and it can perform all basic functions of a smartphone. Read More…

How smartphones are making us wise with money saving

Save money with smartphone

Everything you touch these days has a smart element to it. From your mobile phone and tablet to the lights in your home or the keys in your pocket, the world around us is now more intelligent than ever. In a nutshell, your smartphone gives you access to a myriad of services and one of those is saving money. By tapping into online services, collating data and sharing information, smartphones make it easier for us to get more value out of everyday tasks and the end result is more money in your pocket. With this in mind, we’ve picked out three tech innovations that are helping homeowners, consumers and travelers make smarter decisions and, therefore, save some cash.
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MB&F Astrograph pen inspired by the dream of space travel

MB&F Astrograph pen_1

Yes, we are obsessed with horological machines, especially the ones by MB&F. Taking a detour from their usual routine of creating timepieces which are unique and inspired from unrelated things, this time around the Swiss manufacturer has come-up with something interesting.
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Starry Sky Envelopes – Miniature planetarium for light polluted cities

Starry Sky Envelopes_3

Are you always fascinated by the starry sky? Intrigued by what’s out there and how expansive the universe actually is? Then you’ve landed at the right place. This might sound strange, but for star gazers it is the perfect thing to get hold of. The Starry Sky Envelopes are developed keeping in mind urban areas where artificial lighting is so intense that seeing the stars is a bit of a rare event.
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smrtFOB: A smart accessory to juice-up all your gadgets on the go


We all have gadgets, and they require battery power. The juice can max out at times when you need it the most, and it is not possible to have a charging outlet or power banks at all times. But what you can always keep with you is a key fob that bails you out. This is smrtFOB, a practical gadget which is designed for everyday use, and it solves most of your needs. Designed by a Monreal-based company, the accessory is up on Kickstarter for funding, and so far it looks on track for mass production.
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