Smart Lumenus apparels ensure on-road safety for cyclists


Visibility is the prime concern for cyclists, walkers and runners on the road. Generally during the day it may not be much of a requirement (unless weather is foggy or visibility is hampered due to some reason), but at night, being visible means being safe. With the ultimate goal to help save lives, Jeremy Wall in collaboration with accessories maker Outdoor Tech has developed Lumenus, which makes pedestrians and cyclists more visible than any other available product on the market. Lumenus includes two jackets, a vest and a backpack embedded with customizable LEDs, which illuminate as and when the wearer desires. Read More…

Brain-controlled telepresence robot gives disabled people freedom to socialize

Telepresence robot for disabled_1

People with motor disability have to make many compromises in life and their dependence on care takers is the main reason behind stress. To give such unfortunate disabled people a reason to smile because of the freedom they get, researchers have developed a telepresence robot. This brain-controlled robot developed by a team of researchers from Switzerland and Italy aids people with motor disability in navigating places remotely just with the power of their brain.
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One Love Machine Band – Live performing robotic rock stars set the stage on fire

One Love Machine Band

Making things from trash is a great way to showcase your creativity and maybe give you a new lease of life. The bionic hands made by Chinese amputee is a great example of this very creative thinking. On the other side of the planet an artist from Berlin is putting trash to good use for making a robotic band. Kolija Kugler, an artist and sculptor has created a band of three robotic performers along with small whistling bird robots, all made from junk material. And they disassemble very easily to fit inside a van for transportation.
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Waterproof Bluetooth speaker that mounts on to your bike

Black NOIZY Kameleon Series Bluetooth Speaker_3

Looking for a portable speaker that accompanies you wherever you go? Even in the bathroom with no worries about water seeping-in? Then you’ve got to consider buying the Black NOIZY Kameleon Series Bluetooth Speaker. These Bluetooth connected speaker pairs to your Android, iOS or any Bluetooth-enabled device for streaming good quality audio. Whether you want to take it outdoors or enjoy a hot shower with ear-pleasing music, this portable speaker is the one you want.
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Jeremy Clarkson explains how Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service works

Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service

Amazon’s ambitious drone delivery Prime Air drone delivery service got a refreshing new boost with a new teaser video which got released yesterday. The video features Jeremy Clarkson who gives an insight into the company’s drone delivery system which is honed by a drone weighing 55 pounds capable of carrying 5 pounds of payload. This drone is equipped with sensors and collision avoidance system which detect any potential obstacles or other flying objects in its vicinity. The aim is to make this drone delivery mechanism full-proof and promise delivery in as less as 30 minutes in certain locations.
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Smart Rope is the tech savvy skipping rope you always longed for

Smart Rope smartphone connected skipping rope

Jumping rope is the simplest and best tool for cardio workout that has been used by fitness enthusiasts from decades. With dedication and daily rope jumping regime you can shred all the fat near you center of gravity without the need to hit the gym. But the good old jumping rope has certain limitations when it comes to analyzing your daily jumping regime. Now is the time to give-up jumping with a rope the traditional way and get much more out of your rope jumping routine.
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ShiftWear E Ink sneakers can be customized on the go

Shiftwear sneakers with e-ink display

In this tech dominated world we have got used to customizing our gadgets with new themes and wallpapers every now and then. For example changing the wallpaper of our smartphone or toggling the watch face of trendy smartwatch. Upcoming trend that has come to the foray is changing the look and feel of your sneakers. Just imagine how you can change the look of and feel of your sneakers without having to buy a new one just because you’ve got bored of the existing ones. As cool as it sounds, the idea of having sneakers with design changing options to go with your outfit is so desirable.
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Ford’s Drug Driving Suit simulates the danger of stoned driving

Drug Driving Suit_2

Driving under the influence of drugs can be dangerous and even fatal at times. To show what influence drugs like cocaine, marijuana or heroin have on drivers, Ford has developed the Drug Driving Suit. This suit has been developed in association with scientists from the Meyer-Hentschel Institute in Germany to simulate the effect drugs have. The focus is on Hallucination and restricted body movement which adversely effects control of driver on the vehicle.
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Geminoid F humanoid is more than just a pretty face

Geminoid F robot

At the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing this week Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at Osaka University revealed a robot which looks and behaves like a human. They call it Android Geminoid F, and for some she is the sexiest robot on the planet. This is not the first time Geminoid F has made appearance as the humanoid robot also featured in Japanese movie ‘Sayonara’ which is a story on the after-effects of nuclear power plant meltdown.
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Real-life lightsaber torch slices through reinforced fences/locks like a knife

Tech Torch

Whether it is an evacuation mission, infiltration into enemy lines or deep water diving mission; one obstacle that slows down the officials is reinforced fences. Cutting through them can take-up precious time. Seeing this as a major hurdle, US Air Force Special Operations Forces and Texas-based company Energetic Materials & Products, Inc. have developed a real-life lightsaber which can cut through thick fences, locked doors and chains within seconds. Dubbed TEC Torch, this weapon helps soldiers gain advantage in the battlefield and aids rescuers in evacuation missions.
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