Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Bugatti Chiron, the next successor of Bugatti Veyron is all set to be launched next year, but as a bonus Bugatti wants to acknowledge the love and appreciation of its fans worldwide. To do that, the French super car maker has teamed-up with Polyphony Digital Inc. (Maker of Gran Turismo video game) and come-up with a virtual concept Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo which will be revealed at the 66th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. It also pays homage to the brand’s racing legacy and rememberable victories in Le Mans 24-hour races.
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Wacom Bamboo Spark lets you digitize handwritten notes on A5-sized paper

Digitize handwritten notes and drawings

There are a whole lot of us who prefer writing the orthodox way than typing. If you are one of these, and want an easy way to write by hand and save the handwritten notes locally or in cloud to edit or access them anywhere – Bamboo Spark by Wacom may just have you covered. There have been a few digital pens that feature camera in the nib and work on special paper to save your handwritten stuff. But the Bamboo Spark is a lot different from these pens. The Bamboo Spark is a smart folio accompanied by a smart ballpoint pen and works with any A5-sized paper. Read More…

Disney introduces irresistible Star Wars Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone

Disney introduces irresistible Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone by Air Hogs

As a part of the promotion for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, Disney reveled a set of remote controlled flying toys during live streaming event (Forced Friday) at the ongoing Fans Expo in Dallas. These flying warships created by Air Hogs caught everyone by surprise and it would be safe to say that they are going to be on your wish list soon.
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Onkyo unveils W800BT, truly wireless in-ear headphones at IFA 2015

Truly wireless headphones

If you have been fooled into buying wireless headphones, which aren’t really wireless in the true sense; Onkyo, a Japanese home theater manufacturing company has unveiled truly wireless, in-ear headphones at IFA Berlin. The impressive pair of headphones are, company believes, truly wireless. Unlike other so called/advertised wireless headphones, which actually feature cables to connect the two ear-buds (though they do not require cables to connect to a music player), the Onkyo’s W800BT headphones comprises ear-buds that work completely without wires and also connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled music player. Read More…

Squeeze egg-shaped stress ball map and zoom in to see directions

Egg-Sized Stress Ball map

If you like the idea of having visual data in your hands, Hungarian design student Denes Sator has designed a stress ball with the map of Budapest on it. The egg-shaped map makes navigating through the city easier for strangers. While GPS on your phone is dependent on data, Wi-Fi and battery, the orthodox paper maps are fragile; the stress ball maps are easy to use and being weather-proof these are entirely durable. Read More…

IFA 2015: Acer Revo Build is a modular PC you can actually buy

Acer Revo Build series modular PC at IFA 2015

Modular PCs are going to be the next trend and there is no denying the fact that everyone wants to capture this untapped market in the coming years. Big names like Razer have tested their hands at making a prototype modular PC that is currently undergoing further development and Now Acer have one of their own. Announced at IFA 2015, the Acer Revo Build modular PC looks feasible and practically possible to roll-out in the consumer market. And yes, it is way past the prototype stage and you can get hands on it from October 2015.
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Huawei Mate S smartphone with Force Touch display released at IFA 2015

Huawei unveiled Mate S at IFA 2015

Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei has unveiled Mate S – cool new, feature-rich competitor to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung’s new Note 5. Released at IFA in Berlin, the 5.5-inch phone has a rounded back, yet it measures 2.65 mm at its thinnest point and 7.2mm at its thickest point. Poised as the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Huawei is known to borrow ideas and take inspiration from every other manufacturer in the market and distinguish itself with some really unique specs in the Android space – Mate S just keeps with the same trend. Read More…

IFA 2015: Samsung Gear S2 makes an impressive first appearance

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch at IFA 2015

Samsung has finally took the drapes off Gear S2 smartwatch at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany, and it does look like a flagship killer. Unlike the Gear S smartwatch released last year, this one is more of the sporty kind, and one everyone would want to wear on their wrist. On the inside too this wearable is made for the kill with its functionality and user-friendly operation. This smartwatch has been building up for the IFA event and Samsung did tease some of the details in the last few days. The Tizen OS powered watch has an edge above the Android Wear powered smartwatches and dare I say that it is by far the best looking wearable in town.
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MB&F Arachnophobia desk clock is not for the spider haters

MB&F Arachnophobia desk clock_6

MB&F always seems to amaze us with their creations, and definitely Maximilian Büsser has a though process of his own. In MB&F’s latest creation, there is an element of fear and uniqueness which makes it so different. This is Arachnophobia desk clock manufactured in collaboration with L’Epée which is one creepy looking timepiece spider haters won’t love anytime soon. Aptly named, this clock measures almost 40 centimeters when the spider’s legs are fully extended. It can be either put on a desk or mounted in a wall from where you can see time clearly.
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4k video shooting Snap Drone will become your next favorite toy

Vantage Robotics Snap Drone

We have so many drones out there for purchase, that making the right choice becomes a very difficult task. This quandary, however, is not the case with Vantage Robotics, a new kind of drone which has everything you want in a drone that can be taken anywhere. Snap drone is your UAV for every occasion and it is way simpler to operate than some of the other options in the market.
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