MB&F Arachnophobia desk clock is not for the spider haters

MB&F Arachnophobia desk clock_6

MB&F always seems to amaze us with their creations, and definitely Maximilian Büsser has a though process of his own. In MB&F’s latest creation, there is an element of fear and uniqueness which makes it so different. This is Arachnophobia desk clock manufactured in collaboration with L’Epée which is one creepy looking timepiece spider haters won’t love anytime soon. Aptly named, this clock measures almost 40 centimeters when the spider’s legs are fully extended. It can be either put on a desk or mounted in a wall from where you can see time clearly.
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4k video shooting Snap Drone will become your next favorite toy

Vantage Robotics Snap Drone

We have so many drones out there for purchase, that making the right choice becomes a very difficult task. This quandary, however, is not the case with Vantage Robotics, a new kind of drone which has everything you want in a drone that can be taken anywhere. Snap drone is your UAV for every occasion and it is way simpler to operate than some of the other options in the market.
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IFA 2015: Asus GX700 water-cooled laptop with a powerful GPU

Asus GX700 gaming laptop

Asus has unveiled the world’s first water-cooled laptop at IFA 2015 as an addition to its ROG (Republic of Gamers) lineup. The Asus GX700 laptop will have the water-cooled compartment attached to its back section and it is removable for times when you are not gaming. This 17-inch gaming laptop will boast a 4K display and will be powered by overclockable quad-core Skylake Intel K-Series processors and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.
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IFA 2015: Moto 360 Collection introduces new fitness tracking smartwatch

New Moto 360 Collection smartwatches

New Moto 360 Collection smartwatches

Last time when Moto 360 smartwatch was released it caught my heart, but now things have got even better. At the ongoing IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany, Motorola has launched a new collection of Moto 360 watches that have some significant improvements over its predecessor. The new collection segregates the men, women and fitness fanatic oriented smartwatches, so that everyone has a Moto 360 perfectly tailored for them. According to the makers, users will have more than 300 possible combinations with bands, colors, bezels and sizes to customize the look of Moto 360.
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Your iPhone is now compatible with Android Wear smartwatches

Android Wear smartwatches now compatible with Apple iPhone

Cross-platform compatibility is what we all crave for, and the same is true for smartwatches and their compatible mobile devices. Till now you could only use your Android Wear smartwatch with a compatible Android phone but now Google has announced that iPhones will also be compatible with Android Wear platform. This comes as a welcome news for users who don’t want to buy the expensive (and feature redundant) Apple Watch and always wished that they could use the feature-rich Android Wear smartwatches.
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Sony’s Wena Wrist watch has an invisible smartwatch hiding in the metal band

Wena Wrist smartwatch

Sony is no stranger when it comes to wearable technology as they introduced their maiden attempt at making an Android Wear powered smartwatch and fitness tracker. Now, they are on-course to making another smartwatch only for Apple devices (iOS 8.0 or higher), but through a detour. That by-pass being their own Japanese crowd-funding platform “First Flight” which has Wena Wrist up for funding. This chronograph is just another watch; that is until you reach the band section which has all the sensors to read your pulse or receive notifications from iPhone.
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The Swarm: Multi-rotor super drone with a crazy dude riding it in flight!

The Swarm super drone

All the drones that we have seen so far have been interesting, but none compares to this gigantic manned vehicle which is driven by a swarm of quadcopters working in harmony. Created by a Brit who is a diehard aviation fanatic, this super drone is a combination of 54 polycarbonate drones fitted into a metal frame, capable of lifting a full-grown adult off the ground and in the air. Youtube user [Gas Turbine 101] has named his creation “The Swarm” inspired by the sound all these drones make together which is more like the buzzing of bees around a beehive.
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British Royal Navy’s Dreadnought 2050 warship of the future will be fully automated

British Royal Navy’s Dreadnought 2050 warship_5

What will the warship of 2050 look like? British Royal Navy has the answer for this query as they have come up with a concept design for the warship of the future. The remotely-controlled high-tech warship is going to be made from light-weight material and will be invisible to the eye. They call it Dreadnought 2050 and engineers at Royal Navy believe that this vessel is going to push the envelope of technology way beyond what we can think right now.
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LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a contemporary looking exclusive smartwatch

LG Watch Urbane Luxe smartwatch

LG launched the Watch Urbane smartwatch quite some time ago and now they have one more reason for smartwatch fanatics to have a wide smile on their face. To give Apple Watch Edition – Gold some healthy competition, LG has announced that it will sell 500 limited edition LG Watch Urbane Luxe smartwatches starting October. In collaboration with REEDS Jewelers (U.S. retail Jewelry Company) LG will introduce this premium 23-karat gold watch at the IFA 2015 commencing from September 4-9 in Berlin. This luxury smartwatch is going to be the LG Watch Urbane in an exclusive handcrafted alligator leather strap and gold finish which increases its appeal three-folds.
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