Vibrating shoes will help blind people walk without a cane

Duspavoni ultrasound shoes for blind people

To make the life of people with visual impairments a little easy, an Argentine student has developed smart shoes that comes equipped with ultrasound sensors. These shoes will help blind people to walk without a cane. The shoes are dubbed Duspavoni and are invented by Juan Manuel Bustamante, student at Industrial College No. 4 in Rio Gallegos. The ultrasound shoes which vibrate when the wearer approaches an object were presented at the National Science Fair in Buenos Aires last week. A conversation with a friend who was losing her vision gave the idea of vibrating shoes to Juan. He believes that his creation could revolutionize the lives of people with sight problems, partial or total visual impairment.
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Say goodbye to mouse with the Flow wireless controller

Flow wireless controller by Senic

Senic, Berlin-based innovative manufacturer of tangible interfaces have unveiled their first product which is a freely programmable, haptic control for smart devices. Called Flow, the wireless controller will free us from the need of a keyboard and a mouse which due to their design are unable to offer us the same ability and sensitivity as our hands. Flow is an intuitive and precise shortcut tool to our favorite actions. The creators of Flow has incorporated three technologies into the device to suit the needs of users. Hand gesture recognition, sensitive touch and precise haptics are the technologies offered by the tool which will allow users to work, play and create in the digital world in a perfect way.
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Flying waiter drone ready to serve in Singapore restaurant by 2015

Infinium robotics drone waiter

Infinium Robotics drone waiter to serve food in Singapore restaurant

Robots and UAV’s have taken our world by the storm with a future domination by mechanized intellects staring us straight in the face. Well, that is a far-sighted reality which we’ll eventually have to cope-up with. For now let us focus on their benefits however. Just like iTray, the flying tray drone, a Singapore restaurant is going to get robotic flying waiters for its five outlets in the city to automate the process of serving its guests. Infinium Robotics has signed a deal with Timbre Group to introduce this technology by the end of 2015 in their restaurants to serve people.
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Lizard Desk – DIY Computer desk that’ll catch your eye

Lizard Desk DIY Computer desk table

We haven’t seen an eye-candy type of PC case mod in a long time now. But that just changed as this Lizard Desk computer desk caught our eye. This PC desk is built by Awadon from Lodz, Poland who made use of oak wood planks for the counter-top and legs. While for the detailed carvings he made use of beech wood which exemplified the artistic look of this desk table.
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LG GizmoPal: A smart wearable band for children

GizmoPal band by LG

LG is launching a smart wearable for children that will offer easy communication between kids and with their parents. Known as GizmoPal, the wearable band was launched in the US on Verizon couple of days back, however it has already made its name in South Korea where it was launched earlier this year as KizOn. The device is designed to offer easy and simple two-way communication between you and your child. Developed for kids anywhere from pre to middle school, GizmoPal can make and receive phone calls using its Auto answer function and single button calling.
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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 parody in Crazy Cart styled drifting action!

Crazy Cart Gymkhana parody

After the success of Gymkhana 7 which totally rocked since Ken Block took the 1965 Ford Mustang notchback to its limits it was evident that Razor’s Crazy Cart team would come up with a parody version. After their own success with the Crazy Cart XL electric vehicle, they decided to put Crazy Cart to use once again to make the funny version of Gymkhana 7.
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Uno Noteband is the world’s first wearable with Spritz platform

Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband: world’s first Spritz wearable

Uno, a Seattle-based company is all set to launch a wearable wristband that is not like any other wristband on the market. Called Uno Noteband, it is the world’s first wearable that uses Spritz, a platform that makes reading experience more focused and efficient. The newly set up company is started by Mark Long, former Meteor Entertainment CEO and one of the biggest names in the video games business. According to him, taking smartphones from our pockets and bags consumes a lot of our precious time. That’s why he has created Uno Noteband which will keep you connected to the world and your attention will stay where it’s needed: here and now.

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Wearable gadget that numbs pain without any invasive methods

NeuroMetrix Quell wearable gadget

NeuroMetrix has announced that at CES 2015 they will release Quell, a wearable pain relief device which is similar to the Unilife Injectors in a way. This wearable gadget will neutralize chronic pain without any non-invasive methods courtesy the neurostimulation technology. NeuroMetrix can be worn without any discomfort during the day and night time too making it a very feasible method to track the pain therapy being employed for any particular ailment.
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Italjet unveils vintage looking Ascot electric bike at Italian bike show

Ascot electric bike from Italjet

Ascot electric bike from Italjet

Italjet, Italian manufacturer of two-wheelers founded in 1959 is well known for building motorcycles and thermal scooters. However, from past couple of years the company has shifted its focus to the creation of electric bike models. Currently, the Italian brand offers three models of electric bikes: Diablo, Savana and Eagle which are also exported to 50 other countries. Now again, Italjet has come up with a new model named Ascot, which was unveiled at Italian bike show EICMA in Milan few days back. Designed in collaboration with New Yorkers Spalding & Bros, the Ascot electric bike comes fitted with a Brooks saddle.

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SYPNATIQ – Wearable concept car that morphs into three different forms

Infiniti enters "SYNAPTIQ" in 11th Annual Los Angeles Auto Show

For this year’s LA Auto Show Design Challenge based on the theme “Sensing the Future: How will Cars Interact with us in 2029?” one entry that outshined is the humanoid pod by Infiniti Design called SYNAPTIQ. This HMI (Human-machine interface) concept for the year 2029 can morph into three different vehicles: F1 like circuit racing car, buggy styled off-roading vehicle and a flying jet!

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