Smart Hat is a hi-tech concept helmet for responsible cyclists

Smart Hat concept by Toby King

Sydney-based designer Toby King has come up with an innovative concept helmet for cyclists. Christened Smart Hat, and promoted with the tagline ‘For Responsible Cyclists’, the concept helmet has been designed to considerably increase rider safety. Not only that, it will also address some of the more provocative issues between cyclists, pedestrians and road users. The Smart Hat incorporates a machine-readable license plate on the rear so that they can be easily identified by the existing CCTV and road cameras. Offering ultimate safety and comfort to the rider, the Smart Hat helmet comes equipped with indicators, brake lights, headlight, camera, drop down visor and a wiper system.
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Belaz-75710 mining truck is the world’s biggest truck thus far!

Belaz-75710 mining truck

Belaz tucks, a Belarusian vehicle manufacturer has released the world’s largest mining truck, and it is all electric! Behold the Belaz-75710 mining truck which can haul more than 500 metric tons of load in one go. If you are not that good with numbers then let me tell you that it is equivalent to fully fuelled and loaded Airbus A320-200 plane. The truck is drive by four 1,200 kW electric motors from Siemens. The last record holding truck was 25 percent less than this beast which is a significant increase in size.
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You’ll mistake Taurus CURVE handgun for a smartphone inside the pocket

Taurus CURVE semi automatic handgun

Taurus CURVE semi automatic handgun

Carrying around a pistol in your pocket never goes unnoticed due to its shape, so why not make a gun in the shape of a smartphone? Taurus, the acclaimed gun maker got the better of this thought and therefore has come up with a smartphone shaped handgun that can be carried around without the fear of getting noticed. Taurus CURVE is a body contoured .380 ACP that is ultra-comfortable to wear and carry around.
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Bio-Bus: UK gets its first food and poo-powered bus

Bio-Bus UK’s first food and poo-powered bus

With environmental concerns and pollution increasing day by day, eco-friendly innovations in the transportation industry such as electric and gas powered vehicles are making their way into our daily life. The most recent progress in this context is the ‘Poo Bus’, a human and food waste powered bus that has gone into service between Bristol and Bath in the United Kingdom. Dubbed Bio-Bus, the 40-seater vehicle runs on bio-methane gas which is generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste. With a full tank of gas, the eco-friendly bus can travel up to 300km (186 miles) which takes the annual waste of about five people to produce.
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Addison gaming PC case mod inspired by 1940 radio is a powerhouse

Addison gaming PC case mod

It’s been a while since we have seen a compact, yet powerful PC case mod that impresses with its retro look. Addison by Jeffery Stephenson is one such PC case mod that boasts-off retro aesthetics with a powerful computing power inside. This gaming PC case mod is inspired by a Canadian radio design from the 1940’s era. It has a mahogany enclosure with aluminum trim and a capacity of 10.6 liters.
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Solar-powered sugarcane juicer churns out fresh hygienic nectar

solar powered sugarcane juicer

Sure you enjoy the sweet sugarcane juice that is served out rightly in the Asian countries like India. But is it healthy since the sugarcane is crushed in machines that are out in the open? I’m a bit skeptical about that. However, that might soon change as Pradeep Borge, a 28 year old Pune-based inventor has come up with a solar-powered sugarcane juicer. This solar-powered sugarcane juicer is an enclosed juicer that is far more hygienic than the usual sugarcane juicers. Borge revealed his solar-powered juicer at the National Social Innovation Seminar in Pune and is all ready to sell his creation to local vendors.
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Jetson jet-propelled surfboard allows you to do more surfing

Jetson jet-propelled surfboard

Besides traditional boards, we have featured various types of modern and hi-tech surfboards here in the past that have brought smile to the faces of enthusiastic surfers. From carbon fiber made surfboards to the electric ones, these sports toys have always amazed us with their design and functionality. Now, again to the delight of surfing fans, we are bringing to you a contemporary surfboard. Jetson is a jet-propelled surfboard that is specifically designed so that users can catch more waves and do more surfing. The engine provides enough boost to the surfer when paddling or when to catch the wave.
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Opening Ceremony Limited Edition Mophie Varsity Jacket charges your iPhone 6

Opening Ceremony Limited Edition Mophie Varsity Jacket

Powering up your battery hungry gadgets can be such a hassle. There are many gadget accessories that vouch for their remote charging capabilities, but only few are practical enough to appeal to the masses. Whether this Opening Ceremony Limited Edition Mophie Varsity Jacket with a charging station concealed inside the inner pocket is practical enough is for you to decide. You can use this iPhone or Android phone charger as a substitute for portable charging stick and it adds to your style statement too, of-course if you are a big fan of retro style.
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Wearable technology: GE Scientists are developing a high-resolution brain imaging helmet

brain imaging helmet by GE scientists

Brain is one of the most complex body part of our body and from a very long time scientists have been trying to understand it intricate nature, but with a little success. However, with new technologies evolving in this field, we can hope for better methods in understanding the most complicated biological structure. GE scientists are building a wearable imaging helmet that will help doctors to observe the brain on the cellular level. The high-resolution imaging device will also help doctors in studying the motor activity of the brain. As the helmet is portable and doesn’t include any external wires and cables, patients can move around freely as the brain is being imaged by the helmet.
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Shape-shifting surfboard customizes to your riding style

Airbag Shapeshifting surfboard

Surfboard that can be customized to riding styles

Can you imagine a shape-shifting surfboard that can adapt to any of conditions and styles of riding the waves? Oakley Future Sport Project surely aims to bring such of surfboards to your locker room. Teaming up with pro surfer Jack Robinson, Airbag Labs has developed a shape shifting surfboard which is made from conductive aerographene material (with aerographene nanotubes) makes it ultra-lightweight. This material is responsible for the shape shifting feature which can be configured by passing short bursts of electric current. To do this the user has to simply touch the display of the surfboard and configure the changes like nose, rails and tail.
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