Another homemade submarine in China, this one just a tad different

Du Xiutang submarine

Chinese farmers and villagers have been building some of the craziest things in their backyard. If you have been following DamnGeeky, you’ll know that building homemade submarines, of all, has become a trend in China’s rural villages. Latest to hit the ranks is Du Xiutang, a villager in Shenmu county of Yulin city in the Shaanxi province of Northwest China. The 53-year-old has created a submarine, which is soon to hit waters if all goes well. Read More…

Yamaha working on motorcycle and bike inspired by nature

Yamaha Root motorcyle

Yamaha, the Japanese automotive giant has always been at the forefront of two-wheeler manufacturing and now plays a pivotal role in robotics as well. Keeping with its tradition of high-end bike and motorcycles, Yamaha has kept up with the tradition and now to make things interesting, it has ventured into an offbeat project that makes us understand the importance of renewable energy sources. This design initiative dubbed AH A MAY (which is YAMAHA when spelled backwards) included a prototype motorcycle that had all its dials removed to clear the riders view and a bicycle that charges a battery on the go and then later on powers musical instruments. Read More…

Silly DIY – Cardboard Treadmill is a disgrace to fitness regime

DIY cardboard treadmill

Amidst all the DIY’s that we have seen till date, this one puts all of them to shame. Or should I say, stacks itself right up there in the oddly stupid category! I was intrigued when I first saw the headline “World’s first recycled cardboard” flash on my screen. But later on when I saw the video it turned out to be really funny and annoying. Undoubtedly, 10 on 10 for effort put in to making this DIY, but sadly it serves no practical purpose.
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Californian Biohacker group invents super-human night vision formula


Have you heard of biohackers based in California, known as Science for the Masses? The group has just invented a liquid and tested it on one of their subjects. It endowed the subject with super-human night vision without using any gadget. Although it might sound like a science-fiction movie, but in reality, the liquid drops contain Ce6, combined with insulin, that creates microscopic chemical reaction to boost low light sources. Read More…

Airbus Concept Plane to be equipped with interactive windows for engaging travel

Airbus Concept Plane

In the near future air travel could get much more interesting as Airbus has filed a new patent for interactive aircraft window that’ll revamp the aviation industry in a big way. The idea is to treat the flying guests with more details of the sights they are about to see in the state or city they are traveling to. For example if you are flying from U.S. to Paris, you’ll see all the details of important landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, and their visualization too.
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Most exciting watches showcased at BaselWord 2015

Best Watches at Baselworld 2015

BaselWord 2015 just concluded a couple of days ago and as a dedication towards the art of watch-making we thought of putting together the best watches that were on offer. All of the watches that we are going to acquaint you with are unique in their own rights, making for one hell of a collection an avid watchmaker would die for. Here are the seven best watches that caught our eye at BaselWorld 2015, enjoy!
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DJ put out my fire – Intuitive fire extinguisher makes it a literal possibility!

Fire extinguisher George Mason University students invention

Next time you see a DJ pumping up the bass, it could be in a forest putting out a fire! However crazy this statement might sound, but it is the low frequency sounds that could be the key to dozing colossal fires in forests or urban settings. A duo of engineering students at the George Mason University in Virginia have invented a fire extinguisher that uses bass to put out fires. Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson have got the preliminary patent for their application to make a device that uses low-frequency sound waves to annihilate out of control fires.
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Facebook’s solar-powered drones will provide free internet access to remote regions

Solar-powered Facebook Drone

Facebook is looking for social-networking dominance for quite some years now, and doing pretty good to be frank. But Mark Zuckerberg is not content with that success and wants to extend it beyond anyone’s reach. Almost a year ago Facebook was speculated to be making a solar-powered drone that provides internet to the remote areas of Earth. Now, it’s no more a speculation as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially announced the development of drones that will bring internet to billions of people around the world. This revelation was made during the F8 conference at Ford Mason in San Francisco.
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Audi’s Disappearing Billboards – Apparition like visual effect created by water vapors

Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro Disappearing billboards

Audi always finds itself amidst niche advertising campaigns and proactive development of future automotive technologies. A few months ago we saw the Audi RS7 become a canvas for the Castrol’s 3D projection mapping at SEMA Show, and now recently they embarked on an ad campaign for the hybrid-electric Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro. They formed alliance with German advertising firm Thjnk to make disappearing billboards that are reminiscent of the Audi class. The ads were placed in different areas of big cities and those who watched it just could not imagine their eyes.
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Gaudy Chinese 3D printed car reaches speeds of 40km/h

Shuya 3D printed car

With 3D printing anything is possible when it comes to manufacturing custom-made components. But 3D printing a functional automobile is another thing. Sanya Sihai, a Chinese 3D tech company has created China’s first ever 3D printed car dubbed Shuya. And to add to the feat, it is all-electric. The company showed the car on Tuesday in Southern Hainan province and also revealed that it took their team 1.5 months to create it.
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