Alpine unveils Vision Gran Turismo concept for GT6 racing game

Renault’s Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Joining the league of major carmakers in developing virtual and downloadable assets for the GT6 racing game franchise, Renault’s Alpine has unveiled the latest concept for the Vision Gran Turismo Concept. Inspired by the single seater barchettas of the past, the alpine vision GT concept fuses advanced engineering with heritage racing style of the brand. The exterior of the car features clean and sleek lines with the front section inspired by the A110 while the rear end reminiscent of the A210 and A220 features vertical fins. The roll cage of the concept car is integrated with carbon monocoque whereas the design of the rims is open to reveal the impressive brake callipers, painted in orange or blue.
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Chinese inventor builds a petrol-powered robot horse

petrol-powered robot horse by Su Daocheng

Once in a while, there comes a Chinese guy that comes up with something unique and innovative to surprise and amaze us all. Today it is Su Daocheng, a retiree in his 60s who has invented a petrol-powered robot horse. A resident of Shiyan, a prefecture-level city in northwestern Hubei province, Su Daocheng have a huge fascination for machinery and contraptions. Known to build creative machines in the past also, the petrol-powered robot horse is the latest creation of the Chinese inventor. Capable of being driven on the road, the retiree was seen flaunting and showcasing the huge robotic horse through the streets of Shiyan.
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i-Sensor: Helmet tilt angle sensor will help you keep your head straight

i-Sensor helmet tilt angle sensor by Lazer

Lazer, Belgium-based world’s oldest manufacturer of bicycle, motorcycle and leisure helmets have unveiled an innovative i-Sensor helmet tilt angle sensor at the Manchester Velodrome. A small box that that sits on the back of a helmet, i-Sensor comprises a tilt angle sensor, a speaker and a mechanism to vibrate the shell of the helmet. Once set to your desired position, it will remind you to keep your head straight by beeping and buzzing if there is any decline in your concentration level. As much as you deviate from the pre-set angle, more often the device will warn you. The vibration can be felt throughout the helmet and is good enough to make the rider aware of the wind and the traffic passing by.
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Apple Lightmac concept is a desktop computer of the future

Apple Lightmac concept by Tomas Moyano

The involvement of advanced technology in our daily lives is increasing day by day. With latest technology serving as a significant platform, major companies and designers are using their creativity and futuristic imagination to bring hi-tech and user-friendly products to a common man. Industrial designer Tomas Moyano is one such person who has created an innovative concept that combines the power of a desktop computer with projected touch screen. Called Apple Lightmac, the concept aims be to Apple’s next step in computer evolution. The unique design incorporates desktop power with the user experience and portability of tablets along with the progressing technology of projected touch screens.
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Designer builds intricate 3D printed Iron Man Hulkbuster suit

Life-Size 3D Printed Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit by James Bruton

James Bruton, an Avengers fan and a 3D printing hobbyist is obsessed with the Iron Man movie franchise and have a liking for Marvel Comics. Taking his love to new height as compared to a normal fan, the enthusiastic designer is building up a Life-Size 3D Printed Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit that is inspired by the upcoming superhero movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Using progressive technology, James goal is to create a free-standing costume suit that is actually wearable and functional. The project was divided into multiple steps by the designer and involves months of hard work and commitment.
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Goldgenie unveils limited edition Year of the Goat 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite

Goldgenie launches limited edition Year of the Goat 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite

Goldgenie, UK-based luxury brand have launched a limited edition “Year of the Goat” 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. Marking the New Year of the Goat, the new limited edition luxury iPhone 6 Elite embellished in 24k gold will feature a laser engraved, hand-painted Chinese goat symbol. A limited edition of only 99 units of the iPhone 6 Elite Year of the Goat will be produced, each phone will be laser stamped with its number in the series. Therefore, each device is unique and can serve as a great gift for a loved one or one of a kind collector’s item.
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Cirin: 3D printed remote control car is powered by a 16 ft rubber band

Cirin- 3D Printed rubber band powered remote control car

Remember Strati, the world’s first 3D printed car that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show couple of weeks back? Well, if you liked that than you’re surely going to love this. Max Greenberg, a student at Art Center College of Design along with Sameer Yeleswarapu and Ian Cullimore have developed a 3D-Printed RC car that combining their engineering education with the sculptural and aesthetic skills learned at the art center. Called Cirin, the 3D printed remote control car is powered by a 16 foot rubber band that propels it at upwards of 30mph for a few hundred feet.
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Scientists develop self-powered smart keyboard that can identify the user too

Scientists develop self-powered smart keyboard

A team of scientists have created a smart keyboard that will completely change the traditional way in which a keyboard is used for information input. The self-powered and self-cleaning intelligent keyboard powers itself by generating electricity when a user’s fingertips make contact with its multi-layer plastic materials. Besides that, the smart keyboard analyzes and record parameters such as force applied by key presses and the time interval between them, thus offering a stronger layer of security for the computer users. Passwords are the only way to protect our personal information on a computer, however they are themselves vulnerable to theft. That’s why the smart keyboard has been developed to offer more secure and user-friendly solution to safeguard the data on our computers.
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Nand Logic Helmet: Not just smart, but an intelligent head-gear

Nand Logic's Smart Helmet

A prototype smart helmet made an appearance at CES 2015 and the designer, Nand Logic, is looking to launch a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter for the production of more units. The uniqueness of this smart helmet is characterized by inclusion of almost every possible, portable technology including telecommunication functions. It has got an onboard multicore SoC that runs various electronics like integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth and GPS module, along with temperature and humidity sensors. Read More…

Mouse Box – Compact PC housed inside a mouse!

Mouse Box PC

Portability is the name of the game these days when we have a look at the gadgets and gizmos of current era. Taking that fact into consideration, a Polish company has come-up with a compact PC that you wouldn’t imagine could ever exist. Meet Mouse Box, a PC that is actually a mouse and both! The gut of this mouse has a 1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex CPU, 128GB flash storage, micro-HDMI port, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, USB 3.0 port, accelerometer and gyroscope. The only thing that this PC requires is a display.
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