The Wasp – Chopper sculpture crafted from spoons that you won’t see on the dining table

The Wasp Motorcycle Spoon Art handmade Chopper Metal Sculpture

The Wasp – Motorcycle Spoon Art handmade Chopper Metal Sculpture

This isn’t another custom chopper by some big shot, rather it is a piece of art that you would truly appreciate. This miniature chopper-metal sculpture is made completely from spoons by James Rice and he calls it The Wasp. James has used stainless steel, metal and silver spoons to make this sculpture by bending and welding them together into one.
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World’s first algae-based surfboard is another move towards sustainability

Algae surfboard

Surfers always have a connection with the waters they surf in, perhaps all the more reason for them to use an eco-friendly surfboard. The current breed of surfboards is made from polyurethane foam which is a petroleum-based product. Such kind of surfboards are a hazard for the environment as well as marine life in case the surfboard is submerged in the depth of water when the surfer hits a strong ocean current and loses control. Thus came into existence this algae-based surfboard co-presented by Stephen Mayfield (UC San Diego biotechnology professor).
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Steampunk PS4 gaming controller is fit for the Victorian era

Steampunk PS4 gaming controller

Doing non-stop gaming on your PlayStation 4 is fun, but of course with your controller that makes the whole session enduring. If you have done countless hours of gaming on your console and got bored of the same controller, then have a look at this steampunk PS4 controller modded by Dr. Leslie Aromo. The modded PS4 controller is inspired by The Order 1886, a single-player third-person shooter video game released for PlayStation 4 on Feburary20, 2015.
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AlcoStop – Sensor embedded gadget that restricts drunk driving completely!


Drunk is the main cause for accidents worldwide and although there are breathalyzers to detect and prevent drunk driving, people find a way around this checkpoint, and law enforcement cannot check most of the drunk driving instances on a whole. A team of eight students from Mexico’s Institute of Technology of Cintalapa have a vision to eliminate drunk driving completely as they have developed AlcoStop prototype device. These five students include three students of renewable energy and five from computer engineering at the Institute of Technology of Cintalapa.
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Microsoft Handpose: Hand-gesture controlled system much advanced than its predecessors

Microsoft Handpose

Microsoft has developed a new kind of advanced hand gesture tracking technology that may call it a day to all the wireless keyboards, mouse and gaming controllers. Dubbed as Handpose, this new system is capable of gesture-controlling anything from your reading mails to actuating the in-game virtual reality environment. Microsoft is going to present Handpose system at this year’s CHI Conference on computer-interaction in Seoul.
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Google dives into the mobile network market with Project Fi

Google Project Fi

Google has jumped into the mobile phone network market with its launch of Project Fi offered for Nexus 6 smartphones in the U.S. This is a fresh start by Google to explore the opportunity to provide quality network to users for connecting and communicating in a seamless fashion. Having partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, Project Fi looks to provide the best network possible for demanding users. The search engine giant has developed a new technology that connects to the fastest network, be it your 4G LTE or WiFi for hitch free browsing on the web.
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This Iron Man laser glove can induce serious damage

Iron Man Laser Glove

When it comes to making impressive laser weapons and other DIY stuff, Patrick Priebe has no matching rivals who can provide some competition. In this edition of his laser weapons, the German DIY’er has come up with a damage inducing Iron Man Glove inspired by The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie that is absolutely cool. This dual laser firing glove is complete with light, sound and an ejecting shell to make all those simple Iron Man glove DIY’s seem lame.
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Chinese farmer invents a vibrating bed that aids in passing kidney stone

Kidney stone passing bed

Kidney stone passing bed

Kidney stones are one of the most irritating and painful things when we talk of ailments. A moving kidney stone is more painful than a bullet strike, and is like hell for the suffering patient. Having experienced kidney stone pain myself couple of years ago, I know how painful it can be. Thankfully 51-year old Zhu Qinghua, a farmer in Jiangxi Province has come up with an innovative way of dislodging kidney stone and passing them with ease.
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Shoe That Grows – Footwear which adapts to a growing child’s feet

Shoe That Grows

The world we live in is strange and cruel at times. We get irritated when we don’t get our favorite brand of limited edition shoes, while on the other end there are people that can’t afford to buy a pair of shoes owing to their misfortune. Kenton Lee, a 30-year old entrepreneur who worked with an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya found out that more than 70% of kids don’t have shoes to wear, and even if they have a pair, the shoes become hard to fit after a few years of use due to growth. The telling blow was one instance where Kenton saw a small child cut her shoes from the front to accommodate for the growing fingers. This prompted the humanitarian to invent a pair of shoes that adjust to the foot size and expands or contracts if needed.
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BMW Apollo Streamliner – Futuristic bike that looks to be born on another planet

BMW Apollo Streamliner

BMW Apollo Streamliner Concept bike

Concept bikes and cars have always captured the imagination of auto makers and independent designers who envision the future on wheels. This craving leads to many interesting visualizations that bring out the best in automotive design, and sometimes leads to adaptation of the design by major automotive manufacturers. BMW Apollo Streamliner by Mehmet Doruk Erdem falls right in that category since it’s bold design invokes a mixed feeling of cruise biking on top of a futuristic machine.
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