After lace ban in Russia, designer creates 3D printed underwear

3d printed underwear by Victoria Anoka

The ‘Geek Picnic 2014’ technology fair at the St. Petersburg witnessed one of the craziest 3D printed clothing accessories – a pair of laced panties. Russian designer Viktoria Anika collaborated with Moscow Company 3DPrintus to produce a pair of panties for a firm known as Lascana. It’s the first 3D printed underwear in Russia. Read More…

The Calming Stone provides relief from panic attacks and anxiety

The Calming Stone by Ramon Telfer

Are you looking for a solution besides meditation to control your negative emotions and calm you nerves? Well, here is something interesting for you. Wellington-based designer Ramon Telfer have created an innovative hand-held device for those who experience panic attacks and anxiety. Named The Calming Stone, the smooth pebble-shaped device offers multiple techniques to provide relief during anxiety episodes or panic attacks to the user anywhere, anytime. Working with anxiety psychologists, Telfer developed the Calming Stone based on the techniques that he had learnt to manage his own panic attacks.
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Intel introduces the world’s smallest standalone 3G modem

Intel XMM6255 modem

Intel have introduced their new XMM6255 modem which according to their claims is the world’s smallest standalone 3G modem. At about 300 mm^2 in size, the modem aims to provide a wireless solution for infinite number of smart and connected devices of the future. Considering its small size, the XMM 6255 modem will be perfect for networked sensors and internet connected devices such as wearables, security devices and industrial equipment. Based on Intel’s unique new Intel Power Transceiver technology, XMM 6255 comes with SMARTI UE2p transceiver. It is company’s first design to combine transmit and receive functionality on a single chip with a fully integrated power amplifier and power management.
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Samsung Gear S smartwatch comes with 3G connectivity

Samsung Gear S smartwatch

To offer consumers the freedom of living life on the go, South Korean electronics giants Samsung have unveiled their latest smartwatch. Dubbed Gear S, the smart wearable comes with a curved display. The Gear S smartwatch features a 2-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 480. Based on the Tizen mobile operating system, the wearable comes equipped with 3G connectivity along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The watch can perform tasks such as reading messages, displaying alerts and notifications. Customizable screen options have also been included in the timepiece to provide Gear S a sense of uniqueness.
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Cornell University researchers are turning smartphones into health machines

smartphones into diagnostic tools

Smartphones are about to become smarter. With lab-on-chip technology on board, your smartphone will soon be serving as a diagnostic device for you. A multidisciplinary group of Cornell University researchers has been awarded a five-year, $3 million grant who are developing an m-Health device by the National Science Foundation. The device will look into healthcare issues and the development of new treatments for stress and nutritional deficiencies. All of this information will be provided to the user right in the palm of his hand. The smartphones integrated with lab-on-a-chip technology will act as a monitoring machine and will be able to test blood and saliva.
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Chinese movie theaters showing live audience text comments on the silver screen

live commenting on cinema movie screen by text message

Whenever you go into a cinema hall, the first thing on your mind is to switch-off or keep the phone in silent, so as to prevent any rolling eye-balls in your direction. Also you make it a point not to text or use any chatting apps; totally engulfing in the cinematic experience of your favorite movie. But, Chinese movie theaters are taking a detour from this usual routine and prompting its users to text while watching a movie. And those very texts are the user’s views on the movie or comments on anything dramatic in the movie.
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Giuliano Mazzuoli crafts Carrera wristwatch out of marble

Carrara wristwatch by Giuliano Mazzuoli

Giuliano Mazzuoli, designer of high-end Italian watches known for his artistic work all around the world have come up with a brand-new Carrara wristwatch. Created as a tribute to his beloved Tuscan home by the Italian designer, the timepiece is crafted out of Carrara marble, one of the most prestigious marble in the world. Naturally characterized by its white color and dark gray veins of varying tones, the piece of marble for creation of the watch is extracted from the caves of the Apuan Alps in Carrara located just 100 km from Florence. Every piece of Giuliano Mazzuoli’s Carrara watch is unique as each marble lot is different and each stone has its own characteristics.
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Ares wearable smartphone AR-EC309 with 1GHz dual core processor

Ares AR-EC309 wearable smartphone

Smartwatches are are the new trend, here’s taking you back in time with Ares wearable smartphone AR-EC309. Posed as a smartwatch for your wrist, the AR-EC309 is basically a standalone smartphone which does not need to be paired with another device via Bluetooth, yet can be used to make calls and send messages via Skype or Line using a 3G internet connection. With a screen size of 1.54-inches, the smartphone watch supports a 240×240 LCD display. Read More…

Natural Juice Brand introduces First Brazilian smartband

do bem first Brazilian smartband

Nobody expects a Juice manufacturing company to come up with a smart wearable gadget. Well, stepping outside their normal boundaries, do bem (do well), a Rio-based natural juice company have just done that by launching the first Brazilian smartband. Christened do bem maquina, the smart wearable comes with standard features that one would expect in a smartband. Besides monitoring body movements and sleep patterns, the gadget tracks elements such as calories burned and distance travelled. Users can track their progress through four LED colors (red, yellow, green and blue) on the device that indicate levels of activity relative to goals set by WHO.
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Casio unveils Exilim EX-FR10 wearable action camera

Casio Exilim EX-FR10 wearable camera

Are you looking to buy a new camera for taking selfies? Casio, Japanese Electronics Company well known for its calculators and robust watches have launched the Exilim EX-FR10 wearable action camera just for you. Created to serve as a new way of communicating, the freestyle camera can be strapped onto the wrist, forehead, backpack or handlebars to take pictures and videos. The EX-FR10 features a modular design consisting of a camera module and a detachable LCD control unit. The Wi-Fi enabled camera module comes with a 14-megapixel CMOS image sensor whereas the controller unit sports a 2-inch LCD touchscreen display.
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