Watch this Lego robot emulate the maker’s body movement with precision

Cyclops exoskeleton suit robot

The concept shown in Real Steel movie is quite intriguing where robots are controlled by their human counterpart’s body movements. Daniele Bendettelli seems to be inspired by that very sci-fi though as he has come-up with a cool way to control humanoid robot Cyclops MK ll that he build using Legos and electronic parts. He just has to wear a Bluetooth connected exoskeleton suit on his body and then whatever body movement he makes, the robot emulates that.
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World’s first water resistant socks ensure you walk dry in rains

5 water socks - water resistant socks-2

We all wear socks, and at some point all of us have dealt with problems of wearing wet socks. Drenched socks can become smelly, can get heavy and even lead to itching in the foot. To provide a realistic alternative to wet socks, Jaspreet Singh, an Indian origin student in Detroit, US, has developed water resistant socks he calls the 5 Water Socks. The name 5 Water Socks may sound peculiar, but it draws inspiration from Punjab, Indian state that Singh’s family belongs to. Punjab means ‘Land of Five Rivers’. Read More…

Samsung patents movable display UI for future smartwatches

Samsung movable display

Samsung has always been known to come-up with bold innovations and there is no reason why they should stop. In a latest patent filed by the electronics giant, they have come-up with the idea of a very interesting smartwatch user interface that changes position according to the position of wearer’s face. To do this the smartwatch uses camera, motion sensor and input via the microphone to locate the position and then determine where to position the screen elements.
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In India husbands are empowering wives with ‘self-defence umbrellas’

self defence umbrella

Did you know an umbrella could be used as a weapon; not as most effective weapon of course, but surely as an easy tool for self defence? Vodafone India has realized the incessant virtue and is running a campaign to empower women in rural parts of the country with self-defence umbrellas. The initiative is part of Vodafone m-pesa to educate, protect and empower women, reminding them that ‘safety, after all, lies in their own hands.’ Read More…

Next-gen Apple TV with its own App Store coming this September

Apple tv next generation

Trust me when I say, we have been long time waiting for Apple to announce the next-gen Apple TV (successor to the Apple TV] – yes, it’s been in works for quite some time now. The new Apple TV was once scheduled to launch at the World Wide Developers conference in June, Apple somehow dumped the plan and went ahead revealing Apple Music instead; leaving consumers like us waiting some more before we could have our hands on their new set-top box. If reports on BuzzFeed News are believed, we could be luck at the Cupertino giants’ event in September, when new Apple TV is scheduled to be introduced amid the new iPhones – and for real this time. Read More…

Android security flaw sends affected device into complete paralysis!

android security flaw

Android looks to be having a rough ride in the last couple of days owing to the Stagefright vulnerability that executes malicious codes through Multimedia Messaging System (MMS). Apparently this hack can affect any Android OS from 2.2 to the current 5.1.1 version which accounts for approximately 50% of all the Android-powered devices. Yet another headache just struck Google Android as a hack has propped-up that attacks the mediaserver service which controls video playback on the devices.
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Braille smartwatch keeps blind people connected with loved ones

Dot Braille smartwatch

Technology is helping visually-impaired people get a new lease of life and researchers are working hard to integrate various gadgets to achieve the needed. In a new development South Korea’s tech developer Dot has come-up with a braille smartwatch which opens-up a new way to access information for blind people. Unlike the conventional smartwatches, this wearable has an array of physical dots that make-up four characters of a word at a time.
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Facebook’s solar-powered UAV that beams free internet is finally complete

Facebook Aquila UAV free internet

Facebook has been working on a project that deems to provide free internet via drones, and now in fresh developments social-networking giant has more on it. The solar-powered drone codenamed “Aquila” designed by Facebook’s aerospace team in UK is finally complete. Having a wingspan of a Boeing 737, the UAV will be tested in a remote region for 90 days, where it will beam down internet connectivity from a distance of 60,000-90,000 feet above the ground.
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Canon’s $30,000 video camera with 4 million ISO for ultra-low light shooting

Canon ME20F-SH multi-purpose camera

Japanese camera maker Canon has launched its ME20F-SH multi-purpose camera, which touts a magnificent ability of capturing full HD color videos in extreme low lights – and how that is possible; well the video camera boasts of incredible 4,000,000 ISO. The black, cube-shaped came features 2.26MP CMOS sensor, which has 5.5-times better pixel density than a high-end DSLR out there. The cinema camera, thanks to its ultra-superior, low light sensitivity sensor, can record 1080p videos in full color in near-darkness, and can also capture moments in wide dynamic range. Read More…

Sri Lanka signs up for affordable high speed internet from Google balloons

Balloon powered internet in sri lanka

Google’s Project Loon announced back in 2013 with the intention to bring high speed connection to remote and rural areas of the world, using balloons is finally on the verge of getting a kick-off. In what can be deemed a landmark move, Google has signed an agreement with Government of Sri Lanka to bring high-speed internet to the island country. If all goes as planned, the sub continent country will soon have 3G-like Wi-Fi internet access from balloons filled with internet gear flying over the Indian Ocean. Read More…