Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box – New way to enjoy movies with a slice of pizza

Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box

Normally when you order a pizza from your favorite food joint, after enjoying the delicacy you throw away the packing in the trash can. But now you won’t throw it away and enjoy a cool movie while sipping cola on your couch as you gulp down the pizza. Yes, you will surely do that as Pizza Hut Hong Kong has launched an innovative new promotion campaign that turns your pizza box into a projector. Called as the Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box, the campaign is in-fact a very cool design concept that got a patent by Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong.
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Veloboo Gold: A gold-plated bicycle not for the ordinary rider

Veloboo Gold is a gold plated bicycle

Gold-plated bicycle made from bamboo frame

We have seen many gold-plated cars and gadgets in the past, but a gold-plated bicycle, now that is something unique. Veloboo Gold is a limited edition bicycle draped in gold from side to side and made from frame of bamboo which is a totally insane combination. The gold-plated bicycle carries a hefty price tag of 27 grands and is most definitely not for the ordinary. Frame of the bicycle is made surprisingly from bamboo colored in matte surface which has vibration soaking properties, as well as internal strength just like aluminum.
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Foldable drone transforms into next gen UAV in the blink of an eye

Foldable Drone by NCCR Robotics and LIS

Foldable Drone developed by NCCR Robotics and LIS

UAV’s have come a long since their early development, and in the next phase of evolution, UAV’s are going to get a miniature form-factor which is apparent from some of the drones that we have seen in the last year or so. Going by the same theme is this foldable drone that deploys in the blink of an eye within 0.5 seconds to take flight on mission unknown. The inspiration for developing this folding drone came from origami art, according to the makers Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and NCCR Robotics.
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L’Oreal developing 3D printed skin tissues to revolutionize skincare industry

Loreal 3D printed skin

L’Oreal has been deeply researching ways to beautify human skin, and that is why it invests a huge chunk of money into developing human skin samples in its Lyon Labs. But L’Oreal believes it still has a long way to go considering skincare, so it has teamed up with bioprinting experts Organovo to make human skin using 3D printing technology. Apparently, Organovo has already made in-roads in medical science by 3D printing a human liver tissues, and this new venture will also test their prowess to the limit.
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World’s first water-resistant smartphone won’t choke on your underwater adventures

CometCore water resistant smartphone

Water is not a limitation for this smartphone

Everything you name it and a smartphone can do it. Such is the impact of mobile devices in our life that we virtually depend on them. A smartphone is designed keeping in mind everyday onslaught that it has to go through like accidental drops, water spillage or even a heavy beating from a hammer. But why can’t it be waterproof, just like a watch? If this question has plagued your mind for quite some time now then here is the answer to it.
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Dronebox – UAV with unlimited power courtesy solar and fuel cell panels

Horizons unmanned systems Dronebox quadcopter UAV

Horizons Unmanned systems Dronebox quadcopter UAV

As UAV technology is evolving, the need for multi-rotor vehicles that can perform elaborate missions and provide productive usage is high in demand. Horizon Unmanned Systems is most definitely eyeing the future of UAVs, and they showed it with the Hycopter drone which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Pretty futuristic don’t you think? Another project of there is also aligned with the need for development of UAV’s that are completely dependent on themselves. Read More…

LG’s 55-inch flexible wallpaper OLED display is just 0.97mm thick

LG 55 inch wallpaper OLED display

LG has been putting in lot of R&D into developing flexible displays of the future. And no wonder it is at the fore-front of bendable displays, as was apparent from its 18-inch flexible transparent display. Now, they have taken this technology further ahead with an unbelievably thin 55-inch wallpaper OLED display which was revealed at a company event in Seoul yesterday.
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You could soon be wearing Bionic Lenses that promise super-human vision

Ocumetics Bionic lenses

Can anything be better than 20/20 vision in human-beings? I’m sure you’ll safely say a “No” to that, but medical science and technological innovation is about to prove you wrong. Being able to see three times better than 20/20 vision criteria is what Dr. Garth Webb, a British optometrist has developed in his research facility, literally perfecting your vision at the age of 100 with a technologically advanced bionic lens. Far ahead of the contact lenses, this bionic lens will give the users super-human like vision.
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You won’t believe what this Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle actually is!

Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle DIY

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 has just hit the theatres and already it is turning out to be a money churner. Perhaps a perfect situation for Mighty Car Mods, who have created the most outrageously cool Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle that even the movie crew would be proud of. Blair “Moog” Jocylene and Martin “Marty” Mulholland, the two pillar stones of Mighty Car mods have put quite and effort in modifying a Nissan 240SX S15 Silvia into a zombie apocalypse vehicle that can survive even the worse.
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DIY Propane Gun fires golf balls to the length of a football field

Propane Gun

When one talks about guns, it is all about action packed sequence filled with bullets flying in the air. Ok I got a bit carried away, but guns and visually impeccable lighting is what one associates with futuristic weapons, the ones we so often see in sci-fi movies. This DIY project will definitely traverse you to the future with a Propane Rifle Gun that has an awesome firing effect.
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