Canon’s $30,000 video camera with 4 million ISO for ultra-low light shooting

Canon ME20F-SH multi-purpose camera

Japanese camera maker Canon has launched its ME20F-SH multi-purpose camera, which touts a magnificent ability of capturing full HD color videos in extreme low lights – and how that is possible; well the video camera boasts of incredible 4,000,000 ISO. The black, cube-shaped came features 2.26MP CMOS sensor, which has 5.5-times better pixel density than a high-end DSLR out there. The cinema camera, thanks to its ultra-superior, low light sensitivity sensor, can record 1080p videos in full color in near-darkness, and can also capture moments in wide dynamic range. Read More…

Sri Lanka signs up for affordable high speed internet from Google balloons

Balloon powered internet in sri lanka

Google’s Project Loon announced back in 2013 with the intention to bring high speed connection to remote and rural areas of the world, using balloons is finally on the verge of getting a kick-off. In what can be deemed a landmark move, Google has signed an agreement with Government of Sri Lanka to bring high-speed internet to the island country. If all goes as planned, the sub continent country will soon have 3G-like Wi-Fi internet access from balloons filled with internet gear flying over the Indian Ocean. Read More…

Spanish researchers developing bionic exoskeleton that adapts to growing kid

Bionic exoskeleton by Marsi Bionics

Exoskeletons are a great invention that combine robotics and medical science to help the disabled to walk. In this continuing effort by noble intellects around the globe, another chapter has just entered the book. Spanish scientists are looking to take their bionic exoskeleton to the next feasible level that will aid wheelchair dependent children to walk with freedom and help improve their lives. This consortium of researchers under Marsi-bionics is banking on crowdfunding phenomenon to help them achieve this dream as soon as possible.
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Here’s why iPhone is best smartphone for visually impaired

Luis Perez photography using voiceover on iPhone

You will not expect a person with rapidly degenerating eyesight to be able to click professional level photographs, such as the ones above and many more below. But using the iPhone, Luis Perez who is left with just seven degree of vision can do just that. The pictures you see here are clicked by Luis on his iPhone and are shared on social networking site Instagram.

Luis Perez is a higher-education learning consultant from Florida, who suffers with retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disease causing retinal degeneration. For some reason, this handicap hasn’t affected Luis’ lifestyle and his passion for photography, which is taken to new heights by the iPhone and its built-in accessibility feature – VoiceOver, which lets users enjoy capabilities of the iOS even if they cannot see the screen. Read More…

Samsung working on a secret selfie drone project in South Korea

Samsung Drone

From delivering goods to ones that can click selfies by taking right off your wrist, drones have no bound when it comes to usability apart from just fun purpose. Big companies like Sony have also realized the importance of employing drones for commercial purpose and now Samsung is also in the limelight. According to SamMobile, the South Korean electronics giant is looking to add UAVs to its line-up of products.
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World’s best custom-car tagged at 1.5 million took six years in the making!

Custom build car JF Launier

JF Launier builds this car from rusted 1964 Buick Riviera

What you see in the picture above is a custom car build by 39-year JF Launier from British Colombia in Canada that won him the award for America’s best modified car at the Detroit Autorama expo. And you won’t believe its initial condition when Launier bought it for £250. A rusted 1964 Buick Riviera that had no doors or seats. After putting in 22,000 hours over a period of six years, the man got it into top condition by spending a whooping £191,000 on this project. He had to remortgage his parental house to complete the task which is a huge risk, but Launier admits it was worth it all!
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Fold your favorite superheroes into cool origami art

Superheroes origami art

Who doesn’t love superheroes; they give us hope, courage and reason to live life with a purpose. Alright that was a bit dramatic, but superheroes rule our minds subconsciously, no denying that. For this reason superhero merchandize and DIYs related to superheroes are so popular worldwide. Now, Capstone Publishers gives you another reason to turn your superheroes into playful origami for unstoppable fun.
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MyBehavior app tracks fitness and eating habit, recommends achievable goals

MyBehavior app

Health applications used by fitness wearables are such a common sight these days. There are endless apps that track your physical fitness, calorie intake, sleep pattern etc. Most of them work with the fitness devices in form of smartwatches and/or bracelets; but an app called MyBehavior being developed by researchers at Cornell University and Michigan State University, is a standalone app that work by itself to track your routine and recommend radical changes to the routine. Read More…

Lexus Hoverboard recreated in Lego stop-motion video

Lego Hoverboard

Liquid nitrogen cooled hoverboard by Lexus is one of the hottest invention in current times all set to arrive on 5th August. Millions watched the teaser video of this cool urban accessory that any junkie would die for and appreciated the design no matter what. Not much is known of this hoverboard and that is the reason it has invoked so much interest worldwide. And it comes as no surprise that Lego Buildz has recreated the teaser video in Lego stop motion.
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3D printed exoskeleton lets stroke patients regain hand movement


Finger movement is the last thing that stroke patient manages to regain in their recover. There are endless cases where patients don’t even mange to regain movement in the fingers. 3D printing is the new buzz word in the manufacturing industry, and everyone from students to professionals have been 3D printing prosthetics (amid other things) to help stroke patients who have limited mobility in the hands. Latest to join the fray is Daniel Levy and his team from Lehigh University, who has developed 3D printed open-source exoskeleton called Spiderhand, which helps stroke patients with limited finger movement to regain mobility in the hands. Levy has uploaded necessary STL files on Thingiverse, in case you want to build one of these exoskeleton’s yourself. Read More…