Passive Computer Cooling System that will save billions in electricity bills

Passive Computer Cooling System

The passive computer cooling system, which is undergoing optimization at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, has the capacity to save more than $6.3 billion in electricity per year. Cuong Nguyen, a graduate student of UAH, comes up with this idea as a part of his chemical engineering thesis. He and his professor Dr. James E. Smith, who is also an UAH chemical engineer professor are working together to optimize this cooling system for computers.
The cooling system was awarded with $10,000 in 2014 by the UAH Charger Innovation Funds, and it uses convection to circulate 3M’s Fluorinert FC-72 liquid through channels in the computer’s processor, making heat to sink and serve as an external radiator for an effective cooling solution.
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Braille Rubik’s cube has 3D printed numbered tiles for unstoppable fun

3D printed braille Rubiks cube

There are many interesting records being set with Rubik’s Cube, but all that means nothing for a visually impaired person as it is just a cubical shaped object that they can hold. Do they deserve to experience what can be done with a Rubik’s Cube? Most definitely, yes. Instructables user [liquidwash] though along the same lines, and therefore put up his DIY project about a 3D printed Braille Rubik’s Cube.
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Chevy Camaro wrapped in artistic 3D printed pieces made from biodegradable material

3D printed Chevrolet Camaro art

3D printed Chevrolet Camaro art

At 3D Printing Conference and Expo in New York, which is the largest Mecca of 3D printing technology, a Chevy Camaro got a unique makeover courtesy some creative art. Completely different from any other Camaro that you would see on the streets, this one looks like some vehicle from an animated movie. The design is from Romanian-born artist, Loan Florea who managed to capture the imagination of people who saw his artistic car.
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Strange Facts – $349 Apple Watch costs just $83.70 to manufacture!

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition

The starting version of Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch Sport 38mm (A1553) that you bought for $349, just costs $83.70 for Apple to manufacture! Before you say the “F” word, consider that Apple Watch has some issues too. This fact is unearthed by IHS Technology who added that Apple Watch has the lowest hardware cost to retail price ratio which is a bit harsh on the end-costumers. The estimated hardware to MSRP ratio for Apple products is in the range of 29 to 38 percent, that is quite surprising and also an eye opener about the final quality of product that you pay for.
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The Dark Knight Tumbler – RC vehicle every big boy would want to own

Smartphone controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy  Tumbler RC vehicle

Smartphone-controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler RC vehicle

When we talk of RC cars, they are everyone’s childhood toy and even adults love these toys for good reason. And when RC toy is a sci-fi vehicle from the superhero of Gotham city, it is perfect icing on the cake. By now you must have got the idea that we are talking about Batman and his desirable Tumbler vehicle. Soap Studio has come up with 1:12 scale version of the Tumbler vehicle that is controlled via your Android or iOS mobile device.
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Microsoft HoloLens headset demos Windows 10 apps at Build 2015 conference

Microsoft HoloLens headset Windows 10 apps

At the annual Build developer conference, Microsoft swept everyone present with their holographic technology demonstration using the HoloLens headset that debuted a few months ago. Microsoft showed-off the Windows 10 apps running in conjunction with the HoloLens which looked quite dream-like in the demo that was put together. The demonstration starts with the camera giving you POV footage of whatever was being seen and toggled by the Microsoft demonstrator. Read More…

Apple Watch is nightmare for inked people, since you are practically dead for the smartwatch!

Apple Watch tattoo issue

People with wrist tattoo(s) might want to reconsider buying Apple Watch

If you’ve got yourself inked around the hand and arm areas, then it might be good idea to ditch the idea of buying Apple Watch. Reason? Well, both don’t get well along and disrupts the proper functioning of the smartwatch. As Reditt user [guinne55fan] discovered that the Apple Watch has problems detecting skin contact, if the person wearing it has got tattoos on that particular section of the wrist.
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Air-powered bike that’ll give you adrenalin rush (w/video)

air powered bicycle

Whenever we talk about harnessing natural energy resources, air is one potent resource that can be used very wisely. That is what Cory Little did by inventing an air-powered bicycle that can go a fair distance without much problem. Using compressed air and a special kind of motor, Cory has made an impressive piece of machinery with help from Josh Powell, his friend. As you can see from the video below, this air-powered bike pushes forward like a runaway train with sound that of a steam engine.

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Portable stove to relish your star-studded adventure with a tasty meal

Snow Peak BiPod Stove

Whether you are hiking, trekking or camping in the woods; it is always good to have a stove because nights can get really cold and eating cooked prawn that you just caught is good for your tummy. Carrying a stove is also a predicament for your storage, since your backpack can hold a limited amount of important accessories and you also don’t want to carry extra weight. Japanese company Snow Peak has come up with a light-weight and compact stove that fits easily in your backpack, and when the need arises it can be used without much fuzz. Read More…

High school students invent football helmet that reduces impact injuries by 70%

Football helmet by Oklahoma high shool student Ethan Blagg

Most of the parents are reluctant in sending their child to play American football simply because of the impact injuries to head that can be a health risk and also in extreme cases fatal at times. Ethan Blagg, who is a senior at Francis Tuttle, Oklahoma High School and a linebacker, got his fourth concussion after a head injury while playing football and was warned by his neurologist to give up the game because of further health issues that might affect his brain if any further injuries are sustained. This has hampered his daily routine and study since he is having vision problems and headaches every now and then. Read More…