Researchers develop touch-responsive 3D maps for the visually impaired

Touch-responsive 3-D maps for visually impaired

Touch-responsive 3-D maps for the visually impaired

Researchers and scientists from around the world are coming up with advanced and new technologies to help the visual impaired in leading a better and independent life. In the past, we have seen Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) come up with 3D printed maps for visually impaired. The latest innovation in this field is the Touch-responsive 3-D maps that are developed to benefit the blind, visually impaired and users with perfect vision too. Inventors at the University at Buffalo’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center) have collaborated with Touch Graphics Inc. to develop interactive 3D maps that responds to touch and provides building information and directions through voice.
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Vintage record player artistically crafted from Legos!

Lego vintage record player

It’s been a long time since we showed you an interesting Lego project that has the goodness of steampunk element attached to it. This vintage record player made from Lego bricks is a fully functional player complete with nixie tubes and LED for a steampunkish. All the electronic components are fitted neatly inside the frame of this Lego dominated record player which has amplifier and speakers that presumably will sound good.
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Chinese stunt driver sets Guinness World Records for tightest parallel parking and donut drifts

Han Yue sets Guinness world records for tightest car parallel parking

Han Yue, Chinese stunt driver has broken the world record of tightest car parallel parking. Squeezing his MINI 3 Door Hatch into a tiny gap measuring just 3.15 inch bigger than his car, the stunt driver reclaimed the Guinness world records title for the tightest parallel park from British Alistair Moffatt. This is for the second time that Han has taken the record after claiming the title back in 2012 where he managed to steer into a space of 5.91 inch bigger than his car. However, Alistair Moffatt surpassed that by setting a record of 3.4 inches in July 2013.
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Lunar Mission One looking to drill moon’s surface to reveal new secrets

Lunar Mission One robotic moon lander

Lunar Mission One robotic moon lander

Those of you who are interested in astronomy and fascinated by the Apollo Moon landing mission, here is your one-off chance to make history. A project is up on Kickstarter that goes by the name Lunar Mission One which plans to send an unmanned robotic landing module to the South Pole of the Moon. After successfully landing on the uninhibited moon surface the probe will attempt to drill the surface to the depth of at-least 20m and to a maximum of 100m. This will give the chance to discover geological composition of the Moon and understand the evolution of solar system in greater detail.
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Apple Watch software developer kit reveals new details about the smartwatch

Apple Watch new details

Apple Watch new details revealed

We’ll have to wait until next year so as to can get our hands on the Apple Watch. Till now, the company has managed to hide most of the details about the device. However, to keep people interested and curious about the device, Apple has launched a Software Development Kit for Apple developers who are looking to create apps for the smartwatch. Good news for Apple fans and potential customers of the Apple watch here is that the SDK has hinted on various design details and specifications of the first Apple wearable.

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Stanford university students develop smartphone-controlled quadcopter

Smartphone controlled quadcopter

Coming as an able example of mechatronics – the combination of mechanic and electronics, the Stanford engineering students have developed a quadcopter which can be controlled by a smartphone. This prototype quadcopter made by the mechanical engineering course ME 202 students as a part of their mandatory project. This project requires the students to turn open-source smartphone operating systems into powerful control of mechatronic devices.
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Lume Cube: External flash light for smartphones and GoPro cameras

Lume Cube Flash light for iPhone, Android and GoPro

Though most smartphones come with built-in LED flash units, capturing photographs in the dark often demands an external light source. So, if you have been looking for something that can serve as a portable lighting tool for low-light and night time photography, Lume Cube is just for you. This high-power external light source for your smartphone measures 1.5 inches and comes encased in water resistant silicone shell. Compatible with iPhone, Android and GoPro and any basic camera, Lume Cube external light source features three LEDs that can generate up to 1500 lumens.
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Handmade Guitars by Ulrich Teuffel are simply beautiful

Tueffel Guitars by Ulrich Teuffel

Tueffel Guitars by Ulrich Teuffel

Germany-based Ulrich Teuffel is an amazing luthier who is well-known for building gorgeous and extraordinary guitars. Tueffel Guitars are made personally by the artist which reflects the amazing artwork with their unique design. With a passion to create guitars from a young age, the first real guitar that Ulrich built was a homage to Steve Klein. After founding the company on June 1st 1988, he started working on electric guitars and basses. During this period, the luthier designed his first guitar series “Dr. Mabuse” and the bass line “JFK” which were based on traditional guitars design.
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Motorola Keylink: Phone and key finder for the absent minded generation!

Motorola Keylink phone and key finder

Phone and key finder for just $25

Now you’ll never have lost keys or phone again as Motorola Keylink is here to do all the remembering bit for you, especially when you are the absent minded type. This attractive looking key fob by Motorola makes sure you never have to go through the grueling drill of finding your lost phone or car keys again.
Motorola Keylink pairs-up with your Android or iOS phone with the help of Motorola Connect app and whenever the phone is near the key fob it remains unlocked since the Motorola Keylink is added to the list of trusted devices.
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Flic Button – A shortcut to all your smart functions

Flic Button 6

A team of Swedish entrepreneurs and engineers has developed a shortcut for everything that is electronic. They call it Flic. It does resemble a button, but is an incredible concept that suits for a urban lifestyle. You can consider it a button like device that could be used to connect to your phone, home automation systems, music systems supporting wireless connectivity. Read More…