Bird’s eye view of world’s largest radio telescope coming up in china [Video]

Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope FAST

China official started construction of world’s largest radio telescope back in 2009. Dubbed the FAST, the single-aperture radio telescope is scheduled to complete by 2016. Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) is being built in a bowl-shaped valley in China’s Guizhou province. When complete, FAST measuring size of 30 football fields will be good to gather radio signals from tens of billions of light years away. The massively impressive telescope is made of 4,450 triangular reflectors, spanning about 36 feet on all sides.   Read More…

BlackBerry Android smartphone Priv coming this holiday season [images leaked]

blackberry-priv-qwerty keyboard

BlackBerry fans have traveled the Android route since the company failed to entice developers to fill-up its App Store, despite making it easiest possible to run Android apps on BlackBerry 10. To win back some Android loving BlackBerry hearts, the BlackBerry is launching its first every Android smartphone dubbed Priv, well in time for the holiday season. BlackBerry has long refrained from giving out the flagship phone’s details, but recent leaked images confirm it to feature a 64-bit processor and a 4K recording camera.   Read More…

Functional Lexus Origami Car crafted from 1700 cardboard pieces

Lexus Origami Car IS Sedan

Lexus has been trying to keep their creative bits activated lately with activities that are out-of-the-box. We saw that with the Lexus Hoverboard which in its own right is quite unique and challenging project. Now, the forward-thinking automaker has come-up with Origami Car that is made from 1700 corrugated cardboard pieces. Amazingly the car is fully drivable and is based on their IS300H Sedan. For this inspiring project Lexus chose their 5 most skilled people, who they call Takumi (known as Artisan in Japanese) and ventured on a 3 month project that goes with the automaker’s “Creating Amazing global brand campaign”.
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$99 OLO transforms any smartphone into a 3D printer

olo smartphone 3D printer

According to statistics, about 80 percent of adults use smartphones yet, the remarkable gadget is devoid of an awesome technology. Not anymore! Unveiled at Maker Faire in New York, OLO by Solido3D is first device that transforms any smartphone under the sky into a functional 3D printer. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones, OLO visions to make 3D printing easy, quick and tremendously affordable. OLO is expected to be available for purchase at only $99 post Kickstarter campaign for the device is launched. Read More…

Steeply priced Land Rover Defender pedal car for your demanding kid

Defender Pedal Car

Jaguar Land Rover is paying a fitting tribute to the iconic Defender that has been in production since 1948 and well known as Huey. Homage in the way of a fresh new Defender pedal car concept that is all set to go into production and available for sale in mid-2016. The vehicle is made from rolled-edge aluminum frame and hand-finished with the Loire Blue that is associated so well with the original Defender’s color scheme.

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Computer program alerts doctors on detecting seizures in infants

Computer program detects infant seizures

A team of scientists at the University College Cork have developed a computer algorithm that can alert doctors of newborn babies having seizures. The early detection computer program dubbed ANSeR is first-of-its-kind program developed to clinical trial stage. Almost 1-5 percent of babies can have seizures and clinical signs may be absent in as many as 85 percent of such infants, therefore a breakthrough as this, which potentially helps doctors detect a seizure attack can help millions of babies worldwide. Read More…

WorldBeing wristband tracks your daily carbon footprints

Layer WorldBeing wristband tracks carbon footprint

We all want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. To help you take the first step towards environmental upkeep, Layer has conceptualized a wristband that helps track your daily carbon footprints.  Called the WorldBeing, it comprises of a wristband and an integrated app. The wearable is self directed – it tracks an individual’s carbon usage and empowers the user to make better decisions. Read More…

Amputee kitten gets 3D printed wheelchair to walk again

3D printed wheelchair for Cassidy

A courageous kitten that was aimlessly surviving after losing both his hind legs at birth, has received a wheelchair, which allows him to walk most comfortably. The two-legged kitten found fighting for life in forests of Aldergrove, British Columbia, took his first steps recently thanks for a 3D printed wheelchair. Reportedly, the kitty’s hind legs were accidentally chewed off by his mother while trying to snap off the umbilical cord. Read More…

What’s moving this incredible 9-feet tall laser shooting Hulkbuster?

Hulkbuster costume

At first sight this might seem like a huge prop, but be advised there is a man inside it. Of all the Iron Man-inspired DIY suits that we have seen thus far, this one is visually more intimidating and bigger too. This Hulkbuster suit by Thomas DePetrillo is almost 9-feet and 6-inches tall and it took the maker around 1600 hours over a period of one year to make. As big and bulky as it does look; quite amazingly the costume is lightweight enough for Thomas to move around in real time.
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Teenager makes an easy-to-use wheelchair stroller for paraplegic mother

Wheelchair stroller

For 35-year-old paraplegic Sharina Jones from Detroid, Michigan using a conventional stroller to carry around her newly born baby was a major hassle. This is where 16-year old Alden Kane stepped-in and changed the way she used to carry her baby in her wheelchair. Sharina, who herself is a strong-willed individual helps deliver wheelchairs to disabled children who cannot afford it in developing countries, found herself in a situation where she needed someone else’s help to make a wheelchair-friendly baby stroller.
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