Google Draw is augmented reality paintbrush for Google Glass

Jorge Trevino Blanco Google Draw stylus for Glass

Google Glasses have let loose our imagination when it comes to hand-free interaction with the world around us. But have we taken the hand-free dream far beyond our real capability? Industrial designer Jorge Trevino Blanco from Mexico believes otherwise and that is why he has his own version of a Google Glass compatible stylus that gives artists and people obsessed with interactive technology a chance to explore their skills. Google Draw is a stylus that lets you paint the world with your artistic prowess and do much more with Google Glasses.
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ARION1 Velocipede bicycle aims to reach 90mph

ARION1 Velocipede pedal powered bicycle

Come 2015 and we could be seeing a new world record set for the fastest pedal-powered bicycle at the World Human Power Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Team of students over at The University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULVT) is designing a capsule shaped bicycle dubbed ARION1 Velocipede which will be ready by next year. Although very precariously shaped like a capsule, this bicycle is aerodynamically superior to a Bugatti Veyron and capable of generating pedal-power that can light up an average home.
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Augmented Magnifier shows 1000x magnification overlay with subject metadata

Augmented Magnifier by Anirudh Sharma and Pattie Maes

A magnifying glass does what it claims to do. It magnifies what is being looked at through it. This is how magnifying glass has been since inception, with slight modifications here and there in its magnifying ability. But now, researchers Anirudh Sharma and Pattie Maes at MIT’s Media Labs vision to give the magnifying glass a transparent display to transform it into an Augmented Magnifier. Read More…

GYENNO One Wristband = Smartwatch + Fitness tracker + Sleep analyzer

GYENNO One Wristband smartwatch and fitness tracker

Whenever we feature a product from the Far East, it is downright niche and incomparable to anything on the market or under-development. Amongst all the crazy wearables that we come across every day, smartwatches and fitness trackers are most common. GYENNO One Wristband by GYENNO Technology is the ideal amalgamation of an e-bracelet, smartwatch and fitness tracker that wants to improve your health and productivity.

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Tree felling robot is your modern day lumberjack

Tarzan Tree felling robot

Felling trees on steep terrain comes with an array of dangers for the tree fellers. To counter this and make tree felling a less risky proposition, a tree-to-tree robot dubbed Tarzan has been designed by a group of Canterbury engineering students. This award-winning robot can safely move from tree to tree like a chimpanzee and harvest trees on very steep and tricky terrain. Tarzan is one lumberjack that would not get tangled in obstacles and also not disturb the soil.
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Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by O.A.M.C. is toughest pair money can buy

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by OAMC

Not that if I fear being shot in the feet someday, but I definitely love the kind of protection these only-of-its-kind Kevlar Radial Low Shoes offer. Developed by Over All Master Cloth (O.A.M.C.) in collaboration with well-known French shoemaker Atelier Heschung, the dress kicks are made from bullet-resistant material, Kevlar, which is used primarily in body armors and ballistic protection gear. The specially crafted Kevlar Radial Low Shoes feature lightweight Kevlar upper construction, and accents along the collar and the heel are made from supple calf leather. Read More…

Jedi Putter trains golfers for an accurate putt with multisensory, real-time feedback

Jeff Fitlow

Over the years engineers have tried remodeling the physics of putter used in golf. There have been significant improvements, but the Jedi Putter, first multisensory, real-time tactile feedback training putter sets to make the game even more competitive. Designed for intermediate golfers to help them learn consistent putting strokes, the Jedi Putter is a brainchild of Ray Simar and his team of five engineers from the Rice University. Read More…

Jamie Hyneman’s high pressure air gun that fires non-lethal rounds [Video]

Jamie Hyneman’s high pressure air gun that fires non-lethal rounds

Jamie Hyneman (American special effects expert) has been in hibernation for quite a while now in his workshop making something new and it is impressive let me tell you that. He has made a high pressure air gun that is suitable for firing non-lethal rounds especially in case of a riot or any other situation where you need to pin down the perpetrator sans any bloodshed. As Jamie explains in the video that follows, this air gun is quite powerful and has three different setting to toggle the intensity of the shot.
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Rip Curl Search GPS surf watch tracks every wave you ride

Rip Curl Search GPS watch

Whenever you go out on a surf wave adventure on torrid waters, all you need is unstoppable thrill of riding the waves. But won’t it be great if you could track all the vital statistics of your surfboard adventure? Everything from the number of waves you have concurred to the top speed you’ve achieved during your session. Rip Curl Search GPS watch is the world’s first GPS surf watch which tracks every wave you rode, and the detailed pattern of the distance you traversed during each session. This helps you in getting a very detailed insight of your surfing sessions overtime to track progress and also get a fair idea of the locations where you have performed well.
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DIY MorpHex MKII transforms from a ball into a six-legged robot

MorpHex MKII robot by Kare Halvorsen

If you think robots are better of being autonomous in the 21st Century, a seasoned hobbyist Kåre Halvorsen has done it differently with his all new rolling/walking robot dubbed the MorpHex MKII. This robot transforms from a ball into a six-legged walking robot, and instead of being autonomous, is controlled using an R/C car-style remote control. Engineer Halvorsen’s transforming hexapod robot is an extension of the original MorpHex he built back in 2012. The spherical robot features a reinforced plastic body and is stuffed in with motors to facilitate refined movement.

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