Anagraphs – Electronic Braille reader that hooks on to mobile devices

Anagraphs electronic Braille reader

Life can be very difficult for blind people and although there are devices like braille to assist them in reading, they come at big cost which is not within reach of common people. To help blind people in getting the technological upgrade; a team involving researchers from Fraunhofer Institute of Photonic Microsystems, Germany along with private companies including C.K. Productions, Innora, and Hobart Lasers are developing a next generation reading device. Called Anagraphs, this device brings all the digital content available on e-readers, tablets or computers to blind and sight-impaired users.
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Table tennis champ takes on Ping Pong-playing Kuka robot [Video]

The Kuka robot fight against top-ranked Table Tennis Champion Timo Boll was hyped to be one of the biggest Man vs Machine battles that ever happened. However, it turns out this match of masters was more of a flash in the pan. The match was billed as a ‘fake competition’ between the Kuka pong robot developed by a German robotics company and Timo Boll – a former table-tennis star. Adam Clark Estes from Gizmodo even said this was to be one of the biggest matches in Ping-Pong history, further joking that table tennis would: “Fall prey to our new evil robot overlords.” A video trailer of the match, launched in February, helped stir up the initial hype for it.

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Bike-powered 3D printer recycles plastic and prints wearable medallions

Bike-powered 3D printer 

With an intention to get people closer to 3D printing and recycling, a group of students from various design and art schools in Taiwan have formed the Fabraft design studio. The latest from the little start-up’s workshop is the Mobile Fab, an out of the block bicycle installed with a small computer and a 3D printer. The bike-powered 3D printer turns discarded plastic bottles and cups into bike parts in a jiffy. All people have to do is feed the Mobile Fab with discarded plastic, it chops the plastic and then grinds it into powder before using the powder as ink to print wearable medallions attached to colored lights. Read More…

Customizable Vortex Drone fits inside a backpack

Vortex Drone

Finally a drone that is fully customizable and aimed at people who are into professional or hobby photography. Vortex Drone by Vortex Copters can not only lift modern day sophisticated cameras for perspective shooting but also can be used for transporting things from one place to the other. It fits perfectly in your backpack, and whenever needed it can be opened up for use. This customizable robot can take a form of quadcopter, octocopter lifter or a UAV that is out on surveillance operations. The drone can lift photography equipment like Panasonic GH models, Sony Nex models, Black magic pocket etc.

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Ossia’s wireless charging solution Cota can power devices within 40 feet radius

Ossia Cota wireless charging 40 feet

We are not new to wireless charging, most high-end phones now come with wireless charging. But the truth is, wireless charging is still in its juvenile stage. Still, you need the device to be within a few inches from the power emitter, but with wireless charging techniques like the Cota from Ossia, a start-up in Redmond, Washington, the scenario is set to change. Unlike the wireless charging technique from the Chun T. Rim, which can emit power wirelessly up to 15 feet, Ossia’s patented wireless charging technology, called Cota can charge electronic devices without cords from 40 feet away.  Read More…

Lytro Illum light field camera, a new way up for professionals

Lytro Illum light field camera

To allow passionate amateurs and professional photographers cross limits of creativity inherent in film and digital photography, Lytro has launched the Illum camera which allows users to refocus on pictures after taking them. Now, this doesn’t really read different to the light-field camera Lytro launched back in 2011. But, the Lytro Illum is actually way too radically. Illum uses 40-megaray light field sensor (instead of megapixels), which allows the camera to capture color, intensity and direction of all light rays entering the camera. Result is, living digital pictures, which can be refocused after they have been shot. Read More…

Google Draw is augmented reality paintbrush for Google Glass

Jorge Trevino Blanco Google Draw stylus for Glass

Google Glasses have let loose our imagination when it comes to hand-free interaction with the world around us. But have we taken the hand-free dream far beyond our real capability? Industrial designer Jorge Trevino Blanco from Mexico believes otherwise and that is why he has his own version of a Google Glass compatible stylus that gives artists and people obsessed with interactive technology a chance to explore their skills. Google Draw is a stylus that lets you paint the world with your artistic prowess and do much more with Google Glasses.
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ARION1 Velocipede bicycle aims to reach 90mph

ARION1 Velocipede pedal powered bicycle

Come 2015 and we could be seeing a new world record set for the fastest pedal-powered bicycle at the World Human Power Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Team of students over at The University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULVT) is designing a capsule shaped bicycle dubbed ARION1 Velocipede which will be ready by next year. Although very precariously shaped like a capsule, this bicycle is aerodynamically superior to a Bugatti Veyron and capable of generating pedal-power that can light up an average home.
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Augmented Magnifier shows 1000x magnification overlay with subject metadata

Augmented Magnifier by Anirudh Sharma and Pattie Maes

A magnifying glass does what it claims to do. It magnifies what is being looked at through it. This is how magnifying glass has been since inception, with slight modifications here and there in its magnifying ability. But now, researchers Anirudh Sharma and Pattie Maes at MIT’s Media Labs vision to give the magnifying glass a transparent display to transform it into an Augmented Magnifier. Read More…

GYENNO One Wristband = Smartwatch + Fitness tracker + Sleep analyzer

GYENNO One Wristband smartwatch and fitness tracker

Whenever we feature a product from the Far East, it is downright niche and incomparable to anything on the market or under-development. Amongst all the crazy wearables that we come across every day, smartwatches and fitness trackers are most common. GYENNO One Wristband by GYENNO Technology is the ideal amalgamation of an e-bracelet, smartwatch and fitness tracker that wants to improve your health and productivity.

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