Linux-powered smart alarm clock with touchscreen keypad

Linux based smart alarm clock

What do you do when your alarm clock becomes dysfunctional? You replace it with a new one bought over the shelf. Well, not so if you are Benoit Frigon. The latter developed a Linux powered smart alarm clock, when his old one broke. With an intention to build a compact alarm clock that runs Linux, Benoit finished at this easy to use, wonderful to look at, and completely functional alarm clock that is powered by Linux, syncs over NTP, features a touch keypad and Web interface to configure the clock, upload alarm sound etc. Read More…

Sunburn strip indicates when you are soaking too much Sun!

Sunburn indicator by David Hazafy Queens University Belfast

Laying out in the sun is a good regime to soak Vitamin D, but too much of it carries the danger of developing sunburn, tanning and skin cancer! So how do you control the adverse effects of Sun bathing and know when to make a walk towards a shady area? Till now it was just a matter of judgment or the instructions on your suntan lotion that provide an idea of the amount of time to stay out in the sun, but now a new development gives you a very precise idea. Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have invented a plastic strip that changes its color when there is too much exposure to sunlight.
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Striking announcements made at Google I/O Conference 2015

Striking announcements made at Google IO Conference

Google I/O Conference 2015 held in Moscone Center West, San Francisco just got concluded couple of days ago and there were many revelations that took us by surprise. Google has been trying to dominate the innovation and technology forefront with its acquisitions in the past and now it has another trick up its sleeve. That trick being, teaming up with renowned brands and successful innovative companies to come up with their own vision for the future. This year’s I/O keynote was totally focused on future of software applications, augmented reality and wearable technology which are fast becoming the corner stones of technology that is up for grabs in the near future. Here are some of the most eye-catchy and well-worth announcements that took place at Google I/O Conference 2015, read on to know the details.
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Fascinating transforming PC case by Asus ROG and In Win

Asus in win transforming PC case

Have you ever dreamt of having a PC that would transform into a robot? Perhaps too fancy a dream, but not so much for these manufacturers – Asus’ ROG division has collaborated with In Win to create a very unique transforming PC case that actually realizes the dream. A system right out of some sci-fi movie, this one-of-a-kind transforming desktop PC chassis was unveiled at the Computex 2015 amid a bevy of other new products by Asus. Read More…

Another teenage invention that charges your smartphone while walking

Furkan Faruk Aslan shoes that charge phone

In daily routine we walk a lot and that energy is dissipated in thin air. Perhaps a good idea is to harness that energy into electrical energy for your power hungry mobile devices. A 15-year old Turkish secondary school student with similar vision has developed a pair of walking boots that can power-up your smartphone, for unlimited energy reserve that will never go dry.
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Student develops glove to type anywhere or play musical instrument with finger movement

Malav shah sensor glove

Wearable technology is becoming the next big fad in technology. If you haven’t had the taste of wearable technology for your typing chores just yet, here is 15-year old Texas-based R.C. Clark High School student Malav Shah, who has developed a prototype glove with sensors to read finger motions and translate the same into data which can be easily displayed on a computer or a nearby device. Malav brought his invention to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburg. Malav was one among 1,702 finalists from more than 70 countries at the event. Read More…

My Ears – Hearing aid that is as simple as your ear covers

My Ears hearing aid

Most of the times elderly suffer from loss of hearing in one or both of the ears which can hamper considerable number of normal activities that they can perform. Surely there are many complex hearing aids that promise a lot, but they are expensive too. Seeing this Chubu Design Research Center has come up with hearing aid made from urethane foam that is quite easy to use and simple in design.
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Is Samsung working on a dual-screen foldable smartphone codenamed Project Valley?

Samsung Project Valley foldable smartphone

There is no dearth of flexible displays and dual screen smartphones currently under development by major electronics players in the market. Samsung is one of them and for good reason too if it wants to survive in this cut-throat competitive scenario that demands innovation. Taking things forward the South Korean manufacturer has plans to launch a dual-screen smartphone in the coming future to lend some novelty in the smartphone market.
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Flike Tricopter –Manned aerial vehicle that looks too risky to drive up in the sky

Flike manned aerial vehicle

Flike manned aerial vehicle takes its first flight

What do you get when a quadcopter is scaled to humungous proportions and a person is seated on it, driving the thing high up in the air? You get a Flike tricopter. Yes this is the new concept for personal commuting developed by the Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. (state-owned applied research institute in Hungary) in just a year’s time. The Think Fly-Bike, also known as Flike took its first flight at Miskolc Airfield in northern Hungary on March 7 to demonstrate the capabilities of manned-rotor vehicle flight all set for the future of commuting.
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Infant SOS lets car seats save children left alone in hot cars

Infant SOS car sea Rice University

Every year a lot of kids die of heat strokes after being left alone inside hot cars. According to nonprofit safety group Kids and Cars, since 1990 about 600 U.S. children have been subject to this preventable death. In order to counter this unnoticed tragedy, graduation students at the Rice University’s Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen have developed a new type of car seat accessory for kids, which protects infants when they are left alone in potentially dangerous hot cars. The Infant SOS car seat notifies parents and caregivers with flashing LEDs, message alerts and alarm. Read More…