BlueTape: Bluetooth-enabled tape measure that plugs loopholes in online shopping

BlueTape Tape Measure

Gosh, most of times I or any of my friends purchase a luring apparel from online stores, we end up returning the clothing due to sizing variances or misfit. This results in carriage cost to the online retailers and time wastage, so much so that a survey revealed considerable losses due to this very quandary. To come over this rising problem two inventors have come up with a Bluetooth device that solves this problem in an intuitive way.
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Google teams-up with GoPro to make the next big “Jump” in virtual reality

Go Pro Jump with Google aand Youtube

GoPro cameras assembled in a rig to capture stereoscopic imagery

Google is taking virtual reality very seriously, and just a few months after the Google Cardboard project was initiated, now we have “Jump”. It has partnered with GoPro to bring VR ecosystem to your hands with a 360 degree camera rig consisting of 16 Hero 4 cameras set at precise angle to capture the scene in stereoscopic imagery. Google has kept portability in mind, therefore the rig is quite compact to carry around.
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Haptic glove for visually-impaired makes shopping easier in the grocery store

Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired

Going to the food mall and buying your required eatables doesn’t seem much of a task for normal people. But for dependent visually impaired people it can be an everyday struggle. To aid blind people in getting through their daily chores without much hassle, Penn State computer scientist Vijay Narayanan with assistance from graduate student Siddharth Advani has invented a wearable device that’ll help visually impaired at the grocery shop.
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Lenovo Smart Cast phone with laser projector beams a touchscreen onto any surface

Lenovo Smart Cast phone with laser projector-1

We are not new to projector phones, but the Smart Cast phone from Lenovo introduced at the Lenovo Tech World conference is certainly a new trend in the smartphones with pico projectors. The Smart Cast with built-in laser pico projector can project the phone’s screen on any surface, flat or vertical. What’s more exciting is that the phone comes with gesture based control system, which means you can interact with the projection as if it was the phone’s display itself. Read More…

Road-legal “Back to the Future” DeLorean turns heads wherever it goes

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

DeLorean replica by Drew Guillory

DeLorean car from “Back to the Future” movie is one of the most catchy time travelling machine that has been an inspiration for many replicas and other things themed on it. Although the 1983 DeLorean sports car had to be pushed out of production due to financial crunch, but still it has not lost its charm in the mind of this epic movie’s lovers. Drew Guillory is no different, but his love for DeLorean goes far beyond just admiring the movie and the time traveling car. In-fact he has made an exact road legal replica of the car in his garage.
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Chinese Richie Rich gifts his husky dog 2 Gold Apple Watches!

Wang keke Gold Apple Watches

Wang keke wearing the 2 Gold Apple Watches

It’s a crazy world out there, and money rules the roost no doubt. I say this because people blessed with a fortune can do anything they wish to do. In a country where dogs aren’t used to much kindness, Wang Sicong, the son of one of China’s richest man has done what will truly surprise. He bought his husky dog (a bitch) two gold Apple Watches (known as Apple Watch Edition) that the canine absolutely loves to flaunt.
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BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage is an interesting makeover of the classic coupe

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage at 2015 Concorso d’Eleganza

BMW as a brand carries a lot of history and eloquence that has lured buyers to test out its legendary automobiles. Every now and then, to pay homage to the brand’s success, a unique automobile is created so that the world can admire it. This time around it is BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage that has been revealed at the 2015 Concorso d’Eleganza to demonstrate, how important the past is in determining the brand’s future. Taking design cues from the muscular CSL coupe of the 70s, this one has a massive front end that has been meticulously crafted to give strong aerodynamic lines.

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oneBoard Pro+ – Windows and Android running gaming PC-in-a-keyboard

oneBoard Pro+

China and Japan are all about revolutionizing computer peripherals when their existence is fading away in the glory of handheld devices. Case in point the ACOOO oneBoard keyboard. A keyboard with embedded computer that runs either Windows or Android operating system. Developed by Beijing-based ACOOO, the oneBoard is easy to install and use; all a user has to do is, plug into a screen. Read More…

Aria clip-on module ensures your smartwatch is gesture controlled

Aria gesture control for smartwatches

Back in 2010, Microsoft first introduced gesture controls in mainstream with the Kinect, followed by Leap Motion doing the same for personal computers a few years later. Now, a startup called Deus Ex Technology visions to bring gesture controls to the smartest new device – the smartwatches through a novel device called Aria. Aria is a module that can fit any smartwatch band and act as a gesture controller for the smart timepiece. Allowing you to control smartwatch with finger gestures means, you can control the watch even when your other hand is busy – you flick through applications on the watch with the same hand you have the watch on.   Read More…