Aposematic Jacket wards-off attacker and records the scene in 360 degrees view

Aposematic Jacket

Aposematic Jacket has camera embedded into the fabric to record any attacks

When we talk about wearable technology the first thing that comes to mind is a sleek looking gizmo. This odd but futuristic looking men’s suit is something different however. Developed by Shinseungback Kimyonghun, this fashion crazy suit called Aposematic Jacket might not win you many ladies, but in the event of a sudden attack or attempt of theft, it will definitely come handy. They deem it as a wearable computer for self-defense since it is loaded with lenses that give off a warning signal and vocal message “I can record you”.
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Learn to Read Adventures: 6-year old kid creates interactive learning app

James O Donnel Learn to Read Adventures app

When you were a 6-year old kid, what was your favorite pastime? If it was nothing more than playing around in the yard and having a merry then I’m sorry you were nothing like a child prodigy. This 6-year old kid however is definitely a child prodigy as he has developed his own app that makes it easy for a child to learn reading in a fun and interactive way. James O’Donnel has made an app with help from his writer father that has adventure stories filled with beautiful images and makes the reader a part of the story itself. At every point the Learn to Read Adventures story has many outcomes depending on the choices you make.
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Health and fitness tracker that hooks onto your clothes

Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone

With wearable gadgets becoming ever popular with the geek users, companies worldwide are looking to capture this niche market with their intuitive gizmos that add style and fulfill modern day requirements of demanding users. Wearable gadgets coming from the Far East are always expected to be a bit different and intuitive, and this Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone gizmo is no different. This little coin-sized wearable gadget hooks onto your clothes like a mic or can be used as a wristband too. The purpose? Well, it quite predictably is a fitness tracker, Sleep analyzer and activity meter that keeps you updated about all your fitness related issues.
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LG AKA smartphone that mimics user emotions coming soon


LG is known for surprising the tech frenzy with cool new concepts in consumer electronics. Whether it’s a mystery wearable device or a flexible transparent display which rolls up like a newspaper, we have loved all things cool from LG. Latest to send our pulse beating is the LG smartphone which mimics user emotions. If a phone that imitates your emotion seems fun to you, then the LG AKA, a smartphone slated to be revealed at the World IT Show 2014 in Busan, Korea, should surely be your pick. Read More…

Sexy graphics of this 1995 Skyline GTR are made using sharpie

1995 Skyline GTR graphics art

When it comes to engraving signature piece of artistic flatulence on your favorite four wheeler, people leave no stone unturned. Since your car defines who you are, adding a bit of your own creative styling always makes your ride stand out from the rest. Hold your breath and just have a look at this 1995 Skyline GTR engraved with the detailed artwork done using a sharpie. Collen Kelton, a US military officer want to make performance tuning upgrades to his Skyline and for that he had to take off the scratched bumper. He asked his artist wife Allison to doodle her artwork onto the bumper and he liked it so much that he wanted her to do more.
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Tech start-up unveils world’s first real hoverboard

Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax

Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax

If you have been waiting for a real hoverboard since watching one in 1989 sci-fi movie Back to the Future Part II, then your wait it finally over. Arx Pax, a tech start-up from Los Gatos, California have unveiled the world’s first hoverboard. Named Hendo hoverboard, the working prototype uses four disc shaped hover engines for maximum lift and stability. It uses electromagnetic energy which pushes against itself, generating the lift which levitates the board off the ground. The current prototype of Hendo (company’s 18th) can hover about one inch off the ground carrying two average people for about 15 minutes.
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Stanford engineers develop body implanted nanobots powered by ultrasound waves

Stanford engineers develop body implanted nanobots powered by ultrasound waves

Since the exponential rise in the levels of modern medical technology, we have always craved for nano medical devices that run in our blood stream and heal at the first sign of any illness or some major disease. Efforts have been made to develop such prototypes, but the main problem is how to power these tiny little healers. Making use of wires or batteries makes them too big and clumsy to handle, in a way rendering them practically useless when it comes to real life situations. To change this a research team headed by Amin Arbabian (assistant professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University) has developed a way to transfer power wirelessly to any such smart chips.
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i.amPULS wristband by rapper will.i.am has a new voice-command assistant

i am PULS smartwatch by William Adams

i.amPULS wearable device

Famous rapper and business tycoon Will.i.am has announced that he is going to release a wristband like wearable device which will have a pedometer and accelerometer along with the ability to make calls. Will.i.am made it a point not to call the wrist cuff like device as a smartwatch even though it sits on your wrist like a watch. Will.i.am calls it the i.amPULS wristband which keeps you abreast all the notifications and vital body functions like heart-rate etc. Read More…

Spool Dock: Quell & Company launches contemporary iPhone docking station

Spool Dock by Quell & Company

Spool iPhone Dock by Quell & Company

Quell & Company, manufacturer of modern electronic accessories for home have officially launched their first technology product. Called Spool Dock, the iPhone docking station has been designed to look more of a home décor accessory rather than an electronic product. According to company’s co-founder and former Nike Designer Jeremy Saxton, the idea behind the design was to create an object that felt at home in the home. Just like a nice vase, he wanted the dock to look attractive whether it was being used or not. Made from sustainable North American white oak, merino wool felt and a metal base, Spool Dock is inspired by clean and clever design of the contemporary Scandinavian home décor.
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Connected carry-on smart bag will revolutionize the way we travel

bluesmart smart bag

Given the amazingly fascinating things technology is making available for us, it was just about time someone thought of innovating the suitcase. And just when a Bluesmart hit Indiegogo with a suitcase it claims is the “world’s first smart, connected carry-on”, the result was that the Bluesmart suitcase reached its $50,000 in just two hours and one minute. The smart bag comes with a host of features at a price tag of $235 ($195 for early birds). Read More…