Hey ladies, add style to your Apple Watch with these feminine bands

Apple Watch band

When initially Apple Watch was available for purchase it created quite a hype. But since that day the excitement has mellowed down as it failed to impress buyers with sales dropping exponentially in the past month or so. Still Apple products sell on sheer brand value and Apple Watch is no different. For girls who have an Apple Watch and want to add some flatulence to their fancy wearable, AppleCharmers is here.
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Magic mirror that analyzes your overall health within a minute

Wize Mirror

Detecting disease and getting rid of it at the earliest stages is very important for anyone to have healthy living. A new kind of innovation tries to assist you in this health quest by analyzing your face and spotting any signs of disease. Wize Mirror has a wide range of gas sensors, 3D scanners and multispectral cameras to gauge your health level. This brings back memory of the famous phrase from Disney’s “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all” and gives it a modern touch, that being “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s healthiest of them all”!
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A-Bike Electric: World’s most compact and lightweight e-bike arrives later this year

A-Bike Electric

Electric bikes give you the freedom to commute around in cities with one less thing to worry, that being environmental impact. And if an electric bike is lightweight and folds into itself, there’s nothing better than that. Meet A-Bike Electric, an electric bike that is up on Kickstarter for funding and has already achieved its funding goal to materialize the idea.
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Nintendo will soon roll out a sleep monitor with ceiling projector onboard

nintendo patent sleep monitor with projector

Moving ahead with its ‘quality of life’ initiative, Nintendo has filed patent for a sleep monitor. The intention of developing a sleep monitor was announced by Nintendo back in 2014. Finally, the patent reveled NeoGAF forum members shows what the new sleep monitor device from the video game equipment manufacturer would look like. From the images and patent description the device is just like an alarm clock in size and shape, which comes with a docking station, built-in speakers and a ceiling projector. Read More…

Micro Lego Computer is a tiny computing powerhouse

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp

Mike Schropp has a strong affinity for building things with Legos and his last creation awe-struck me. A Lego computer case mod that is good looking and packs some respectable hardware. Again the DIYer is back with an equally impressive computer case mod that is an improvement on the last one. This is Micro Lego Computer is almost 75% more compact and 40% affordable than its predecessor. Mike has kept in mind customizability and additional configuration options while designing this Lego computer.
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Buffalo DriveStation provides ultra-fast speed and ample hard drive space

Buffalo DriveStation Ultra

For professionals working in the field of video production, gaming, CAD designing and other similar professions that require high transfer rate of files finding the right solution is important. Simply because time is gold. Keeping this in the back of their mind, Buffalo has designed a high-performance and high capacity drive. Called as DriveStation Ultra, the storage drive can hold ten drives and work 24×7 without any heating or other hardware issues.
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Innovative art roller by artist Szot lets differently-abled kids draw and paint

Dwayne Szot art roller

Dwayne Szot of ZotArtz is an artist of his own kind. When other artists are drawing satisfaction in creating the most magnificent art for exhibitions and museum walls, Szot has a career committed to developing state-of-the-art tools to allow kids with various disabilities to draw, paint and stamp among other things. Since around the late 80s, Szot has been revealing new innovations to his painting wheelchair, which provide kids with limited ability to do a whole lot of things that normal children can do. madison miller-smith, a seven-year-old second grader, who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) at birth, is one of the users of Szot art roller, which has transformed her life for good. Read More…

Samsung announce world’s first monitor with Qi wireless charger

Samsung SE370 wireless charging monitor

In another innovation by Samsung that will be industry’s first, we have been acquainted with a monitor that is also wireless charger for smartphones. Samsung Electronics has come-up with the world’s first ever monitor that doubles as a wireless charging station for your gadgets. Samsung SE370 helps you stay de-cluttered at home and office with Qi wireless charging at the base, inside the monitor stand. Just keep your smartphone on the PLS (Plane-to-Line-Switching) monitor stand and it’ll start charging automatically.
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China starts assembling world’s biggest radio telescope “FAST”

FAST Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope

In the quest for hunting intelligent life in our universe China has taken next step to inch closer to the biggest discovery in the history of mankind. The world’s biggest telescope, Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) that has been in the making since 2011, has finally been completed and is now being assembled in the southwestern province of Guizhou. The telescope has a humungous 500 meter dish which is almost the size of 30 football fields.
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Playing Half-Life on smartwatch is impossible, but it’s cool anyways!

Half Life running on smartwatch hack

Running applications and games on cross-platform devices has become one of the coolest white hat hacks these days. Especially operating systems that software tinkering experts just love to run on cross-platform devices. Examples from the past include an iPhone 6 Plus running Windows 98 and Apple Watch hacked to run Mac OS. For a change, this time we show you a hack that allows you to play Valve’s Half-Life on Android Wear smartwatch, in particular LG G Watch.
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