Chinese duo builds two Lamborghini Diablo replicas

handmade Lamborghini Diablo replica

Handmade Lamborghini Diablo Replica

Chinese people are the supreme leaders when it comes to building replicas of expensive sports car. In the past, we have seen so many incredible replicas built by car lovers from China. Today also, we are bringing you two beautiful handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo from the most populous country in the world. Created by racing car fanatics Wang Yu and Li Lintao, the handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo can reach the top speed of 310km/h. The construction work has been carried out in a garage rented out by the pair on the outskirts of Beijing and currently they are working on a replica of the T-Rex motorcycle.
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Stylish charger and notification bracelets from Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech bracelet

Wearable technology is the new trend in fashion. When just about every single manufacturer in the fashion and gadget world is aiming to deliver the best accessory – what sells will depend largely upon how beautiful it looks. Keeping the idea in objective, Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Case-Mate to develop stylish tech-embedded accessory. The duo has developed a pair of bracelets – one of the bracelets is an unfolding phone charger, while the other is a customary bracelet which connects with your smartphone and vibrates when the phone receives a notification. Read More…

Walkers unveils Twitter powered vending machines in London

Walkers Twitter-powered vending machine

Walkers, British snack food manufacturer have launched the first ever Twitter powered vending machine at three exclusive bus stops across London. As a part of the Walkers Do Us A Flavour campaign, brand’s long-time ambassador and former footballer Gary Lineker will appear to have sitting inside the vending machines. The digital Lineker will be vending out free packet of chips from one of six finalist flavors by responding to tweets from the public. The campaign was launched back in January 2014 where the Pepsico-owned U.K. potato chip brand gave people around the country an opportunity to win £1million by suggesting a new flavour for the brand.
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Samsung Gear S smartwatch gets Swarovski adorned strap

Swarovski Gear S Strap

Samsung rolled out there latest wearable in the form of Gear S smartwatch few days back which comes with a curved display and offers 3G connectivity. Now to complement the chic design elements of the Gear S and to enhance the wearable experience, the smartwatch will come with a fashionable strap adorned with Swarovski cut crystals. Developed by Samsung in collaboration with Swarovski, the trendy Gear S Strap adds one more product to the “Swarovski for Samsung” Collection. Sharing a commitment to bringing high-quality, extremely desirable products to the consumer market, Swarovski for Samsung Collection marks the union of Samsung technological capability and Swarovski artistry.
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MOTA to debut its hi-tech wearable SmartRing at IFA, Berlin

MOTA SmartRing

MOTA will soon debut its wearable SmartRing, a sophisticated, hi-tech ring that’ll display alerts and various kind of notifications from your smartphone. The user needs to wear it like a normal ring, and connect it with Android phones or even an iPhone. It’ll receive notifications of incoming calls, text messages, calendar notifications and emails.
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Fuji Xerox develops robotic printer that brings printed documents to your desk

Fuji Xerox robotic printer

Wireless printers have made our office life so simple and cord free. Yet, there’s a grievance – one has to move up to the stationary printer to fetch papers he/she has just printed. Now, in order to make life even easier, Fuji Xerox has come up with a robotic printer which can move around the office to bring documents to the person who ordered the printout. The printer features LIDAR sensors onboard which allow it to avoid obstacles, and easily locate the desk that just ordered for a print. Read More…

An affordable full-size cardboard Jet Fighter Cockpit from Dogfight Boss

cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss

Most of us would love to own a personal home cockpit for playing flying simulators and games at home. However, the high-cost doesn’t allow us to do that. But now here is a golden opportunity for you to own a full scale cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss. Founded by Lukas Homola, it offers low-cost and durable simulator suitable cockpit for all you gamers and flying enthusiasts out there. Made out of corrugated cardboard, the cockpit shape is based on three US fighters, mainly the F-22. High resolution textures are created by taking photos of the cockpits of vintage planes from a local museum.
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Researchers develop app that detects jaundice in newborns with a click

BiliCam app detects jaundice in newborns

Newborn babies are prone to jaundice. In order to let medics and parents detect jaundice in infants real early, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed a mobile app, which helps diagnose jaundice in babies by clicking a picture. Called the BiliCam, the app uses smartphone camera, flash and a business card-sized color calibration card to provide information about the infant’s bilirubin levels. Read More…

Google is developing a system of drones to deliver goods

Google Project Wing drone

Amazon and Domino’s Pizza Inc. have already invested in the development of delivery drones to provide goods to their online customers. Adding to the competition, Google is also building a fleet of drones that will deliver goods to the people much faster. Named Project Wing, the idea behind the delivery drones comes from the house of Google’s “X” lab. A team led by Nick Roy, a MIT aeronautics professor has been working on this project for two years. However, the company believes it would take years to develop a fleet of fully-functional flying drones that could achieve multiple deliveries per day.
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