Anicorn Series K452 watch replicates planetary moment to display time

Anicorn Series K452 watch_2

Hong Kong-based watch brand Anicorn takes inspiration from the astronomy for its timepieces and their latest iteration of a watch pays tribute to the Kepler-452b, an exoplanet discovered by NASA’s Kepler & K2 project. Anicorn Series K452 has hour, minute and second discs which overlap each other in a 3-layer surface to signify the orbital moment of planetary bodies. The watch has a very unique mechanism to check out current time, where the outside disc shows the hour and inner discs signify minutes and seconds. A reference point on top of the watch shows the time in a geeky way and does away with hour, second and minute hand.
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NHTSA rules Google’s self-driving system as a legal driver

Google self driving car

Google self-driving car project is one of the most daring ones in current era with Google looking to strike gold with a fully autonomous safe car hitting the roads by 2020. One major achievement in that quest is the acceptance by U.S. vehicle regulators of the artificial intelligence system as a driver under federal law. This is one big accomplishment for Google who have invested a lot of money and time in self-driving car project. In a letter to the company, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration accepted the proposal filed on November 12 on design for a self-driving car which needs no driver.
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Drones will soon be the guardian angels for lost hikers

Drone with AI for search and rescue missions_1

Drones are becoming a major tool in search & rescue operations with quite a lot of them already being tested for the same. The next step in making drones do all the decision-making and fly autonomously in search of human trails in the forest is by providing AI to the flying machines. For this a team from the University of Zurich, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and NCCR Robotics have developed a machine-learning software which allows drones to identify and follow man-made trails in a confusing forest. That would be able help for search & rescue teams on the lookout for missing hikers.
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Google Lens: Interchangeable lens add-on increases Google Glass field of view

jibo_he_lens_for_google _glass

Google Glass might have been pulled down from the market primarily because it failed to impress many by its limited field of view, but that hasn’t stopped researchers at the Wichita State University Kansas, United States, to device ways in order to enhance Google Glass’ workplace applications. To give Glass’ limited field of view a valuable push, researchers Jibo He, Barbara Chaparro and graduation student Long Wang have developed Google Lens. Google Lens is basically an optical lens which can enhance camera view of Google Glass from 54.8 degrees horizontally and 42.5 degrees vertically a dramatic 109.8 degrees horizontally and 57.8 degrees vertically. Read More…

Goku gliding on Flying Nimbus in the streets of Taipei

Gku Flying Nimbus Cloud in Taipei

Hoverboards have not been in the good books in the last few weeks for all the trouble they have got into with explosions and setting on fire. Perhaps, this is the best time to employ them in rocking props which amaze the crowd and create a lot of buzz. Inspired by the Aladdin Magic Carpet that took New Yorkers by surprise, this Flying Nimbus brought a smile to everyone on the streets of Taipei. Yes, the yellow cloud which Goku uses for commuting in Dragon Ball Z made a surprise appearance in the city, thanks to Youtuber Yes Ranger dressed as the animated hero.
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Autonomous Lego Paper Plane Machine saves you the labor of love

Lego Paper Plane Machine

We all love paper planes and the mention of them brings back old memories, doesn’t it? The same can be said about Legos which let loose your imagination to create anything you want. Lego modeler Arthur Sacek has built a reputation for himself as one of the best tinkerers of Lego bricks and perhaps the perfect man for this project. What you see above is a Lego machine which turns any paper into a paper plane, and also shoots it in the air.
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Mouse that looks and feels like your kitten’s paw

Cat Paw mouse

Who doesn’t love cuddling with cute pets? Especially, after long hours of work at the office. Although, some organizations allow you to bring pets along to work, most of us don’t have that privilege. A good enough reason to have a computer mouse that looks and feels like the paw of a young kitten or puppy. The oddly named Pnitty Mouse derives its name from ‘puni puni’, Japanese onomatopoeia for embracing something pleasingly squishy. From anywhere you see this mouse, it looks like a pudgy pet paw.
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Build your own tabletop pinball machine from cardboard with PinBox 3000

pinball 3000 kit

If you’re looking for a low-stress, easy to assembling project to keep your kid involved, or if you have an undying love for pinball; take home the PinBox 3000 kit developed by Cardboard Teck Instantute and rejoice. Ready to assemble PinBox 3000 kit is really playful way to build your own tabletop pinball machine and enjoy the wonderful game. Priced at $50, the core kit includes a base desktop cardboard pinball machine and swappable playfields.  The kit comprises 12 pre-cut sheets of cardboard, an instruction manual, some plastic pop rivets, marbles, rubber bands and a paper clip bent into makeshift hook to help you put everything together for a cool pinball system. Read More…

LeMons team makes a cheap Hoonicorn RTR 1965 Ford Mustang doppelganger

Hoonicron RTR 1965 Ford Mustang replica by LeMons team

Ken Block, the master drifter had the time of his life driving the Hoonicorn RTR in Gymkhana 7 and the muscle car looked stunning on the streets of Los Angeles. The car looked stunning and unmatchable when it comes to replicating another one. But a group of LeMons racers, the Knoxvegas Lowballers nailed it with their take on the Hoonicorn RTR 1965 Ford Mustang as a tribute to Gymkhana.
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CRAM robot inspired by cockroaches will be vital in search & rescue operations

CRAM Cockroach robot_1

Cockroaches are the creepiest insects that nobody dares to love, isn’t it? But scientists at University of California Berkley have taken interest in this ugly insect to have an insight on its Houdini-like tricks and build a robotic cockroach. Inspired by their ability to squeeze their body to get through the tiniest of crevice, American cockroaches have capabilities that can be emulated in a robotic form for search and rescue operations in case of natural calamities like earthquakes or tornados. Cockroaches have the unique capability to position their legs to the sides and their shell acts like a sponge to take 900 times impact of their body weight.
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