MyBehavior app tracks fitness and eating habit, recommends achievable goals

MyBehavior app

Health applications used by fitness wearables are such a common sight these days. There are endless apps that track your physical fitness, calorie intake, sleep pattern etc. Most of them work with the fitness devices in form of smartwatches and/or bracelets; but an app called MyBehavior being developed by researchers at Cornell University and Michigan State University, is a standalone app that work by itself to track your routine and recommend radical changes to the routine. Read More…

Lexus Hoverboard recreated in Lego stop-motion video

Lego Hoverboard

Liquid nitrogen cooled hoverboard by Lexus is one of the hottest invention in current times all set to arrive on 5th August. Millions watched the teaser video of this cool urban accessory that any junkie would die for and appreciated the design no matter what. Not much is known of this hoverboard and that is the reason it has invoked so much interest worldwide. And it comes as no surprise that Lego Buildz has recreated the teaser video in Lego stop motion.
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3D printed exoskeleton lets stroke patients regain hand movement


Finger movement is the last thing that stroke patient manages to regain in their recover. There are endless cases where patients don’t even mange to regain movement in the fingers. 3D printing is the new buzz word in the manufacturing industry, and everyone from students to professionals have been 3D printing prosthetics (amid other things) to help stroke patients who have limited mobility in the hands. Latest to join the fray is Daniel Levy and his team from Lehigh University, who has developed 3D printed open-source exoskeleton called Spiderhand, which helps stroke patients with limited finger movement to regain mobility in the hands. Levy has uploaded necessary STL files on Thingiverse, in case you want to build one of these exoskeleton’s yourself. Read More…

Nokia OZO is the ideal 360-degree camera for shooting professional 3D movies

Nokia OZO 360 degree camera

Nokia might be having a rough ride in the mobile device section of consumer electronics, but that doesn’t mean it can’t venture into other avenues. To keep the innovative bend rolling and bringing something new to the gadget world, Nokia has introduced a 360-degree view camera that is targeted towards professionals. Nokia OZO announced at a company event in Los Angles is specifically targeted towards virtual reality applications.
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OnePlus 2 smartphone coming your way loaded with impressive features

OnePlus 2 smartphone

OnePlus One got a very positive response from consumers when it was launched last year and its next version was expected to come tagged with equally good features. Here we have OnePlus 2, the predecessor to its elder brother and it doesn’t disappoint on first look. The 5.5-inch phone has a 1920×1080 pixels display (401 PPI) and although it is not that thin at 9.85 mm, it still has hardware that overshadows that factor. And there is USB-C connector that is something new for most of the smartphone users.
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Hey ladies, add style to your Apple Watch with these feminine bands

Apple Watch band

When initially Apple Watch was available for purchase it created quite a hype. But since that day the excitement has mellowed down as it failed to impress buyers with sales dropping exponentially in the past month or so. Still Apple products sell on sheer brand value and Apple Watch is no different. For girls who have an Apple Watch and want to add some flatulence to their fancy wearable, AppleCharmers is here.
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Magic mirror that analyzes your overall health within a minute

Wize Mirror

Detecting disease and getting rid of it at the earliest stages is very important for anyone to have healthy living. A new kind of innovation tries to assist you in this health quest by analyzing your face and spotting any signs of disease. Wize Mirror has a wide range of gas sensors, 3D scanners and multispectral cameras to gauge your health level. This brings back memory of the famous phrase from Disney’s “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all” and gives it a modern touch, that being “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s healthiest of them all”!
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A-Bike Electric: World’s most compact and lightweight e-bike arrives later this year

A-Bike Electric

Electric bikes give you the freedom to commute around in cities with one less thing to worry, that being environmental impact. And if an electric bike is lightweight and folds into itself, there’s nothing better than that. Meet A-Bike Electric, an electric bike that is up on Kickstarter for funding and has already achieved its funding goal to materialize the idea.
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Nintendo will soon roll out a sleep monitor with ceiling projector onboard

nintendo patent sleep monitor with projector

Moving ahead with its ‘quality of life’ initiative, Nintendo has filed patent for a sleep monitor. The intention of developing a sleep monitor was announced by Nintendo back in 2014. Finally, the patent reveled NeoGAF forum members shows what the new sleep monitor device from the video game equipment manufacturer would look like. From the images and patent description the device is just like an alarm clock in size and shape, which comes with a docking station, built-in speakers and a ceiling projector. Read More…

Micro Lego Computer is a tiny computing powerhouse

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp

Mike Schropp has a strong affinity for building things with Legos and his last creation awe-struck me. A Lego computer case mod that is good looking and packs some respectable hardware. Again the DIYer is back with an equally impressive computer case mod that is an improvement on the last one. This is Micro Lego Computer is almost 75% more compact and 40% affordable than its predecessor. Mike has kept in mind customizability and additional configuration options while designing this Lego computer.
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