Cirin: 3D printed remote control car is powered by a 16 ft rubber band

Cirin- 3D Printed rubber band powered remote control car

Remember Strati, the world’s first 3D printed car that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show couple of weeks back? Well, if you liked that than you’re surely going to love this. Max Greenberg, a student at Art Center College of Design along with Sameer Yeleswarapu and Ian Cullimore have developed a 3D-Printed RC car that combining their engineering education with the sculptural and aesthetic skills learned at the art center. Called Cirin, the 3D printed remote control car is powered by a 16 foot rubber band that propels it at upwards of 30mph for a few hundred feet.
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Scientists develop self-powered smart keyboard that can identify the user too

Scientists develop self-powered smart keyboard

A team of scientists have created a smart keyboard that will completely change the traditional way in which a keyboard is used for information input. The self-powered and self-cleaning intelligent keyboard powers itself by generating electricity when a user’s fingertips make contact with its multi-layer plastic materials. Besides that, the smart keyboard analyzes and record parameters such as force applied by key presses and the time interval between them, thus offering a stronger layer of security for the computer users. Passwords are the only way to protect our personal information on a computer, however they are themselves vulnerable to theft. That’s why the smart keyboard has been developed to offer more secure and user-friendly solution to safeguard the data on our computers.
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Nand Logic Helmet: Not just smart, but an intelligent head-gear

Nand Logic's Smart Helmet

A prototype smart helmet made an appearance at CES 2015 and the designer, Nand Logic, is looking to launch a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter for the production of more units. The uniqueness of this smart helmet is characterized by inclusion of almost every possible, portable technology including telecommunication functions. It has got an onboard multicore SoC that runs various electronics like integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth and GPS module, along with temperature and humidity sensors. Read More…

Mouse Box – Compact PC housed inside a mouse!

Mouse Box PC

Portability is the name of the game these days when we have a look at the gadgets and gizmos of current era. Taking that fact into consideration, a Polish company has come-up with a compact PC that you wouldn’t imagine could ever exist. Meet Mouse Box, a PC that is actually a mouse and both! The gut of this mouse has a 1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex CPU, 128GB flash storage, micro-HDMI port, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, USB 3.0 port, accelerometer and gyroscope. The only thing that this PC requires is a display.
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Leatherman Tread = Multi-tool + Wristband + Watch

Leatherman Tread multitool

There are many multi-tools out there that come in different shapes and sizes, but none is as innovative as this one. Leatherman Tread is a 25 tool function wearable wristband that you will love. It comes with lot of functionalities ranging from bottle opener to SIM card tool. The multi-tool wristband weights 150 g in total and good news is that it will come with an optional scratch-resistant Leatherman Tread QM1 watch with Swiss movement by the Fall 2015.
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Indian start-up eyes Moon Rover mission in the Google Lunar XPrize competition

Google Lunar XPrize Team Indus India

Google Lunar XPrize Team Indus rover

India’s small startup Team Indus, founded by IIT Delhi students headed by Rahul Narayan has won the major chunk of Google Lunar XPrize, a global competition aiming to land robotic spacecraft on the surface of Moon by December 31, 2016. Competing against other established groups who have vast experience in the field of robotics and space exploration, the India’s team won $1 million for the lander category, which apparently is the most complex piece of the rover destined for Moon. The Bangalore-based team has also been short-listed for imaging system and the prize was handed to Narayan and his team at an event in the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.
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Samsung Galaxy S Edge rumored to have curved edge screen

Samsung Galaxy S Edge smartphone

Curved edge smartphones have given a new design aesthetic to the boring old screen and phone manufacturers are catching up with this trend fast. LG showed off their curved edge screen phone at CES 2015 and now Samsung Galaxy S6’s next generation is most likely to have a curved edge screen variant. This leak comes courtesy an anonymous developer from GalaxyClub who stumbled on the webpage source code of Vodafone Netherlands website and found the telling note for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
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What new features got added to Windows 10 operating system

Windows 10 operating system

Earlier in November last year Microsoft released the all new operating system Windows 10 which is for Windows PCs and Windows mobile devices. The operating system comes with a lot of new features and an overhauled interface to overcome Windows 8’s shortcomings. Now another update to the Windows 10 Technical Preview lets select Windows users explore the new additions to the fullest. However it is confirmed that this release doesn’t allow users to test the operating system on mobile devices for now. That freedom is going to come in February 2015, as we speak.
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Google Project Ara smartphone to have third party hardware components

Google Project Ara Lapka components

Google Project Ara modular smartphone components

Google’s ambitious modular phone project codenamed Project Ara has gained quite a lot of attention and when it is going to be finally available for purchase one can expect many takers. The modular components of the phone will be customizable according to user’s need with swappable hardware that can be changed any time. Seeing the future of Google Project Ara and other modular smartphone prototypes that will dominate the future, Lapka (sensor manufacturing company) has come up with its take on a good looking, power-packed modular Ara smartphone.
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DALER robot – Autonomous flying vampire bat that’s a little less ugly

DALER robot

Whether we call them UAVs, drones or quadcopters; all of these robotic unmanned flying gadgets have changed the way we perceive aerial surveillance. Taking inspiration form the flight of vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus), Ludovic Daler has created a flying robot that has foldable wings and walks on land like an ugly bat would do. Ludovic calls it DALER (Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot) which has ground locomotion mode aimed for surveillance missions that require both aerial and land search in constricted spaces. The details of robot have been published in a paper by Bioinspiration & Biometrics.
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