Record Runner is the smallest record player with Volkswagen running in circles

Record runner

Giving the good old record player a new refreshing take is this Record Runner vinyl player which brings back the nostalgic Sound Wagon back to life. To be specific, this is a record playing speaker which has the original Volkswagen running on the vinyl player to create ear-pleasing music. Deemed as the smallest record player in the world, it adds curiosity among people who have seen it for the first time ever.
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Big Force mini jeep is the ideal gift for car-crazy kids

Big Force Mini Jeep drivable Car for kids

Just like adults kids are also fascinated by the idea of getting behind the wheel and driving their dream car one day. Some fulfil that dream, while others are still in the quest. Lucky kids who have parents wanting to gift their kid the best drivable toy car around have one more reason to consider their holiday gift ideas this Christmas. Unlike the classy and plush toy cars including DB convertible junior classic car, Land Rover Defender pedal car, gold-plated Atom Car or the Henes Broon F830 electric car, you have one option for the jeep loving kids too.
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Guy makes his own 3D printed eight-shot revolver

DIY gun 3D printed

Getting the license to keep a revolver is not that easy in many countries. So what to do when there is no way out and you desperately need a gun, just because you need a gun! You make one for yourself. Yes, that is exactly what mechanical engineering student James Patrick did. He used 3D printing technology to make a pepperbox revolver good enough to fire .22LR bullets from its muzzle. To give the gun unique identity Patrick has inscribed the gun with his name in huge font.
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Cristiano Ronaldo endorsing a strange Japanese fitness product

Sixpad Cristiano Ronaldo

Who doesn’t want a chiseled body with muscular lines flowing throughout and irresistible to the opposite sex? But getting that muscular body requires dedication and hard work with quite a number of hours in the gym or out in the open performing athletic activities. One man who everyone looks up to when it comes to face value and athletic body is Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. His perfect body is the epitome of fitness and everyone wants to be like him.
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Bluetooth speaker with dynamic visualizer gets you in the party mood

LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

There is a plethora of wireless speakers in the market, but only a few catch the eye. A geek wants speaker that can be bragged about and many will envy for the rest of their lives. So here is one geeky speaker which stands aloud from the rest for its cool factor. Elecom Shining Bluetooth Speaker is something that you wouldn’t have seen before for its sheer simplicity and yet its techy feel. This speaker on first look gives the impression of a carry bag but actually it has LED display that comes to life as soon as the first beat hits.
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Blue Origin launch rocket into outer space, Jeffery P. Bezos keeps space tourism dream alive

Blue Origin space capsule

Blue Origin space capsule touches 100.5 km distance

Jeffery P. Bezos, the founder of Amazon has invested quite a lot of wealth in rocket technology for space mission and his efforts have finally paid-off. His space company Blue Origin has successfully launched a rocket in outer space and returned back home without a hitch. This reusable rocket named New Shepard rocket (named after Alan Shepard) travelled 329,839 feet (100.5 kms) to the extremity of Earth’s atmosphere.
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Temporary Biometric Tattoo tracks your health stats in real-time

Chaotic moon Biometric Tattoo

Wearable technology is hitting us all in a big way and it won’t be surprising if it is the next big revolution. Some might even say that it is already a revolution with wearables changing the complexion of electronic gadgets. Sensor-enabled tattoos and electronic ink have already given us a reason to believe that wearable tech is going to be our second skin in the near future. For example the skin thermometer tattoo or sweat monitoring tattoo. Austin-based company Chaotic Moon is developing a prototype that will be loaded with sensors for collecting all the vital data from your body for prime health and fitness.
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Laptop Cooling Bar is one compact alternative for bulky cooling pads

Laptop Cooling Bar

Laptop is a good investment for people who use it for a multitude of purposes at office use home. Traditionally laptops are meant for light usage but graphics intensive applications put a lot of load on the processor and GPU. Desktop PC’s are blessed with large cooling fans and ample space to let the heat out but laptops are compact and don’t have that leverage. A cooling pad is a good accessory for your laptop to keep things cool inside and prevent battery damage or even damage to important hardware including the motherboard. But a cooling pad means extra luggage in your backpack and kills the purpose of portability for your laptop. And in most cases it is a hassle to carry cooling pad with you everywhere your laptop goes.
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Woobots: Wooden Transformer toys for keen collectors

wooden transformers

Transformers have captured the imagination of billions who want to create one for themselves, and it is not surprising that a lot of them have eventually come-up with their DIY transformer creations. Maybe all or some of them are too complex for an average DIY’er to make. The only option is to get all those fancy toys in the form of a transformer, but they are just too gaudy for geeks. Those who are looking out for something different and creative wooden transformers are not a bad option. To be precise WooBots which are wooden transformers just in time for the holiday season.
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Researchers manage to cultivate electronics inside plants!

Electronic plants

How plants grow is a very complex mechanism which researchers have just begun to understand. The complexities in network of cells and channels that pass water and other nutrients from root to the leaves. In a startling finding by researchers at Linköping University in Sweden, the pants can grow conductive wires to provide communication and power systems for electronics. Leading this research is Professor Magnus Berggren who along with his team have managed to augment plant’s functionality and making them grow electrical circuits courtesy a special conductive polymer known as poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene).
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