Icarus Box: Ultimate drone hijacker can end drone-nuisance

drone hijacker
To get hold of unidentified, unwanted and non-regulated drone flights, security researcher Jonathan Andersson has developed a device that can hijack various types of drones in their mid-flight. The technology can snatch the controls from the owner or user, rendering the user-remote control a dead-peace of hardware. Instead of taking down the drone like Drone Munition 12 gauge 3” shot shell rounds, here we are talking about taking over total control of the drone without damaging it. Read More…

San Jose Airport recruits 3 robotic assistants in customer service team

Robotic Airport Customer Service

Robots, slowly but consistently are taking-over the place of humans as attendants or helpers like in airport and restaurants. On the same lines Mineta San Jose International Airport has also recruited some robotic employees. Now, along with other staff members in customer service, three automated assistants will coax passengers at the Airport. Norma, Amelia and Piper can communicate in six languages and assist passengers looking for directions, shops, restaurants etc. Read More…

Artificial knee exoskeleton developed by Beihang University researchers

Beihang robot

Most of the exoskeletons we featured have been developed keeping in mind certain disability or assistance in walking for the elderly. Yet another example of an exoskeleton deemed to help paralyzed patients in walking again is being developed by researchers at Beihang University in China. The biologically inspired lower limb exoskeleton is created keeping in mind the human knee joint. Hence, this advanced artificial limb has scope for natural knee moment which has rotating and sliding mechanism.
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Otto’s self-driving truck transports Budweiser beers on a busy Colorado highway

Otto self driving truck

Self-driving vehicles have been on the horizon for quite some time, and the technology keeps getting better with time. Putting those autonomous vehicles on the road takes immense courage, and that’s what Uber owned Otto has demonstrated. News was looming around that San Francisco-based startup was developing an aftermarket kit for commercial trucks to make then self-drivable. Now, they have teamed-up with Budweiser to accomplish something remarkable.
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Xiaomi Mi VR headset promises immersive virtual reality at lowest possible price

Xiaomi Mi VR headset

Xiaomi is fast becoming the leading gadget manufacturer with high quality products pitched at the most competitive prices. With the right arsenal at its disposal, Xiaomi is venturing into wearable technology with its virtual reality headsets which wants to compete with the like of Samsung, Oculus, PlayStation and HTC. They proved that with its initial step revealing the Mi Play headset a few months ago, and now they have come-up with their latest offering at the Mi Product Launch Event.
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Airbus plans to roll out Vahana – fully autonomous flying taxi by 2020

Vahana Airbus‘Vahana’ is the future of flying-cab service, believes the European aerospace giant Airbus after it gave a sneak-peek of its ambitious project. The name Vahana is derived from Sanskrit, world’s most ancient language, which means vehicles of gods in Hindu mythology. The final product is aimed at adding vertical element in transportation methods.
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Researchers demonstrate ‘projection on moving, deforming objects’ using high-speed projection

Dynamic projection mapping technology
The visual projection, as we knew until now, was limited to static surfaces. The idea of preserving perception of projection through human eye when surface is deforming rapidly was a huge challenge. But now, Tokyo’s Ishikawa Wantanabe Laboratory has finally achieved perfection in it by developing a technique they call “Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface(s) using a high-speed projection.”. Read More…

Exhauss shows newer, sophisticated Cine Exoskeleton at IBC 2016

Cine Exoskeleton f

After L’Aigle Exoskeleton that was seen in 2014 at IBC, now Exhauss brand has come up with even more sophisticated and comfortable Cine version with payload capacity of 35 kg. Not just comfortable, but it is quite expensive too. The Cine is likely to be sold for about $9,000. The exoskeleton is given a thick padding around the waist straps in order to enhance the comfort. Now, the new exoskeleton is equipped with three sets of removable springs so that the resistance can be tailored in accordance with user’s requirements. Read More…