This in-ear wearable let’s women know when it’s best time to conceive

Yono fertility in-ear device

In today’s competitive world we live a life overrun by stress which leads to a common problem of difficulty in conceiving a child. To improve their chances of getting pregnant, women around the world have been trying everything from bizarre rituals to smartphone apps that act like ovulation calculator, menstrual calendar, fertility chart and period trackers. But, let’s face it, these apps are not easy to use; there is a lot of patience and discipline required. In order to save the fairer sex from the unwanted hassle, YONO Labs, has come up with an in-ear wearable device that helps women understand their ovulation cycles, so that one’s fertility window can be easily predicted. Read More…

Stunt rider Robbie Maddison surfs ocean waves on a dirt bike

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison is insane

There is a very fine line between what is impossible and what can only be dreamt. DC Shoes and Robbie “Maddo” Maddison surpassed both of these beliefs to create something that you have to see to believe. With 2 years in the making and Maddo rearing to perform his most dangerous stunt till date, this has to go down as one mind-blowing spectacle. Called as Pipe Dream, this stunt had the perfect setting in Tahiti where giant waves invite daring surfers to challenge their riding skills.

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Solar-powered aqueous flow battery is 20 percent more efficient than present batteries

aqueous solar flow battery

Solar-powered batteries could make juicing up our power hungry devices of the future more convenient and speedier. While there are many engineers working on efficient batteries, two researchers at the Ohio State University have prepped up a solar battery with new capabilities. PhD students Billy McCulloch and Mingzhe Yu, have been working consistently at improving a solar air battery they unveiled last year. In their new study, the duo believes they have reached a new milestone with their battery called the ‘aqueous solar flow battery.’ Using solar power on their aqueous flow battery (which has water circulating inside it) the researchers have made the battery 20 percent more efficient in comparison to the currently available lithium-iodine batteries. Read More…

Sony announces selfie-centric Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia M5 phones

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra and Sony Xperia M5

Sony Mobile has gone through a rough phase in the last year or so owing to the intense competition and lack of appeal to the users. Although camera quality is one thing that Sony stands out from the rest and is one of the major supplier of smartphone cameras to competitors like Samsung or Apple. To reclaim lost territory when we speak of mobile devices, Sony Mobile has launched two new mid-range smartphones that have impressive cameras for taking selfies and much more.
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Make a dirt cheap 3D hologram that works with your smartphone!

How to make 3D hologram projector

3D hologram display shown in the science fiction movies is so cool, isn’t it? Where a 3D stereoscopic image forms in thin air and is viewable from every angle possible. Probably one of the coolest example of augmented reality, but it isn’t cheap although. So, how about the idea of making a dirt cheap 3D hologram display that works with any mobile device which is downright awesome?
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World’s first wearable gym provides apt resistance during workout

Bionic Resistance Shorts for gymming

One thing every gymmer knows is that resistance plays a very important role in the extent to which your muscles can flex. This helps reduce the lactic acid in muscles and option to increase size even more. But how exactly do you bring-in resistance while working out? One way is to wear tight fitting clothes. That can only help slightly, you need something more professional.
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Leaked images of iPhone 6s supposedly reveal slot for Force Touch sensor

iPhone 6s image leak reveals force touch capability

From what we know about the new iPhone offerings from Apple, we aren’t expecting any real changes on the outside. Apple just revamped the iPhone last year in form of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Only a year since, we don’t see Apple ditching the new design; but we are expecting a few changes to the innards of course. In addition to a better camera one thing we are expecting is the integration of Force Touch. If the recently revealed images of display assembly supposedly of the forthcoming iPhone 6s by Chinese repair firm GeekBar on Weibo are anything to go by, the new model could have the same display as the iPhone 6 but with the rumored Force Touch capability. Read More…

Off-roading electric vehicle that looks like an agile spider on four wheels

SwinCar Spider electric off roading vehicle

Electric off-roading vehicle

When we talk of off-roading vehicles, the first picture that comes to mind is one with huge wheels and a heavy body. One look at this car and you won’t believe it is actually an off-roading monster that can conquer practically any terrain. Swincar is a French invention that restores our faith back into hardcore vehicles that are built purely out of instinct. And to top everything off, this crazy car is an all-electric vehicle.
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What will Samsung Galaxy Note 5 look like? 3D printing has the answer

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung is all set to make some interesting revelations at the Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event in New York. Two phones that are going to be revealed (as speculated) or even announced with a few more details at the event are going to be the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is going to be a bigger version of the S6 Edge phone which apparently also came in limited edition Iron Man themed models.
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Brain-training iPad game is helping schizophrenia patients improve memory

cambridge university brain-training iPad game

Help maybe on cards for schizophrenia patients. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a brain-training app for iPad, which they believe has an effect where medicines have failed to make a difference. The game, dubbed Wizard, is found to be improving patient’s memory. The game is allowing schizophrenic patients live their lives better and with more independence. Read More…