FIve ways to make your ride stand out from other vehicles

CarID car customization

Cars have become more than just a mere mode of transportation, they have become a way to showcase your personality and status. These days, when you buy a car and want it stand out amid other four wheelers, you need to go one step ahead and tweak your ride for looks, as well as performance. So how do you make sure that your car is tuned for best performance output and at the same time manages to inspire other riders who want a car like yours? Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can fine tune your car for enhanced performance and visual upgrades that not only ensure the longevity of your vehicle, but also aesthetics.

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FOVE head mounted eye tracking device funded by Microsoft

FOVE head mounted wearable gadget

Head mounted eye-tracking wearables are gaining momentum for a variety of applications and that is catching the attention of big technology houses. FOVE head-mounted visor that tracks the movement of your eye is being developed by a Japanese start-up firm and interestingly caught Microsoft’s eye. This device is being developed to allow disabled users in performing computer related tasks just by moving their eyes and performing particular gestures. Along with that, since it has been accepted into Microsoft Ventures London accelerator program for supporting enterpreneuring start-ups the device will have use in gaming too, as Microsoft has expressed interest in using FOVE with their Xbox gaming console.
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Fujitsu is developing wearable devices for site workers

Fujitsu wearable device

The emphasis on the development of wearable devices is more than ever before as tech companies and firms are looking to attract the potential customers with their cutting edge technology. Wearable technology has become main stream today with wearable gadgets dominating the market from the field of social interaction to health & fitness. So, why not in factory work? That’s what the Japanese companies are thinking, as they are developing wearable devices to help factory workers do their jobs more efficiently.
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Ferrari V12 engine computer case mod inspires creativity

Ferrari V12 engine computer case mod

In normal course, you wouldn’t expect a car hood to open up to reveal a full grown PC inside or for that matter see the love of hotrod married with passion for computer mod. But it has happened, and in context, here is another special computer case – a Ferrari V12 engine computer case mod that you cannot help but admire. Created by Russian modder using CNC 3D modeling and vacuum forming, the custom-built computer case is a result of childhood fantasy for V12 engines. While the main cabinet and guts inside may seem pretty similar to your lady shopping bag-styled PC, the top of the case resembles the V12 engine. And did I tell you, it even sounds like one too? Read More…

Tech-firm develops solar-powered Android desktop computer for Africa

Solar-powered IMPI Mk1 desktop

Capsule Technologies, a Cape Town-based tech firm has developed a solar-powered desktop for Africa. The device is targeted to bring technology to rural and under serviced communities of South Africa. The solar-powered desktop was conceived as a part of designation of Cape Town being named as the World Design Capital. IMPI Mk1 desktop is designed to be versatile, durable and energy efficient. It can operate on 20 watts of electricity or can also be plugged into a solar panel.
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The Defender: High-tech pepper spray snaps offenders photo and sends it to police

Defender pepper spray

Pepper spray can save you from an initial attack but what a victim really wants is to see the culprit behind the bars. Here is a smart personal protection system that takes safety and prevention to the next level with everywhere security. Named The Defender, it is a high-tech pepper spray that comes with a camera installed on it which captures & forward the offenders picture to law enforcement forces or any other designated department. Besides that, it can attract attention of people through its flash light and audible alarm, not to forget the highest concentration of pepper spray to stun the attacker.
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US Army developing palm-sized surveillance and reconnaissance drone

Cargo Pocket Intelligence palm sized drone US Army

Drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles are always the choice of army where sending in troops can be fatal. Over the years drones have become one of the most advanced surveillance tools in congenial environments like in Iraq where many unmanned mission were carried out. Taking the drone development to next level, the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) has undertaken the Cargo Pocket Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance program. To be precise, this is a program that aims at developing pocket-sized aerial surveillance drone that helps soldiers in challenging war situations.
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13 year old creates DIY Google glasses for himself

DIY google glass

Google glasses have generated a lot of interest in people all around the world. However, not everyone can afford these $1500 glasses and most of us have to settle just by dreaming about them. But not Clay Haight, a 13 year old boy who has created his own version of the Google glasses. At the age of 8, his fascination towards constructing electronic objects and DIY projects started after he was presented a book by his grandfather which explained about everyday appliances.
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Cyberith Virtualizer – Virtual Reality locomotion device for FPS games

Cyberith Virtualizer augmented reality for FPS gaming

Augmented reality in gaming is constantly getting closer to the real experience of being present in the situation. For example while playing first person shooting games like Battlefield or a horror game. Virtual reality in gaming and other applications has got a new pinnacle to break as an optimal Virtual Reality locomotion device has finally broken the shackles of being in prototype stage. Cyberith Virtualizer developed by Tuncay Cakmak is up on Kickstarter platform, and if gets funded then you’ll have it in your closet come early 2015.
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Augmented reality brings more fun to rock climbing

Augmented reality wall climbing

Two researchers of Aalto University in Finland have added much more fun to the rock climbing wall by combining it with the augmented reality. Perttu Hämäläinen and his colleague Raine Kajastila have developed a system which uses a projector, a depth-sensing camera and a computer software to track the movement of rock climbers on a training wall. Besides tracking, the system offers new challenges, provide feedback and real-time suggestions also to the climber.
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