Archipelago Cinema – A floating cinema that doubles as an event venue

Artificial floating islands are one of the most interesting man-made creations that offer us a chance to live on waves. Taking this concept to a whole new level, German architect Ole Scheeren built a floating cinema called Archipelago Cinema. Beautiful floating architecture takes a cue from techniques used to construct floating lobster farms by the local fishermen. Keeping sustainability in mind, the whole structure is entirely made of recycled materials and joined together in a way to offer maximum flexibility for its future use. The architectural gem debuted at inaugural ceremony of the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival where screen, hanging between the deep blue sky and sea, delivered an unforgettable an enjoyable cinematic experience. For all guests – who were taken to the venue by boat in the darkness of the sea – it was one-of-a-kind outdoor movie watching experience. Ole Scheeren said that the idea of watching movies in the middle of the sea seemed amazing. As the festival ended, the floating cinema was dismantled and donated to the village where it was built.

Via : buro-os / Gizmodo / Fastcodesign


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