Laptop Dock LD Dee & Ricky delivers music in a very unique setting

New York twins Dee and Ricky seem to be riding on their success in the past few years as they continue to bamboozle the high end fashion world and their latest creation is niche as well as functional for the purpose it solves. Laptop Dock LD Dee & Ricky developed in the laboratory of La Boite Concept with the specific aim of bringing high fidelity sound with the convergence of Hi-Fi and digital media courtesy R & D supported team of engineers, designers, industrial and commercial.

The rig has an amplified speaker with connection output for any music source like iPhone or MP3 player and also has a DAC high-fidelity digital converter in case you want to connect laptop USB connector. With four side speakers and two rears ones combined with the patented Wide Sound the system delivers thumping music with high fidelity sound. The whole thing is made from selected natural materials and has white feet painted finish having gold trim and lacquered music score. If you want to decorate the box concept then you can decorate with self-adhesive vinyl color stickers. The size of this desk is 77 cm X 57.5 cm X 52 cm and will cost around 2280 Euros with delivery in France or Europe within four weeks.




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