Star Wars guitar collection truly hits the tunes with its lovers

You might have seen a lot of Lego and Star Wars combo replicas in the past and they are quite impressive too. But these latest ones known as the Star Wars themed guitars are is jaw dropping to say the least. An avid music fan and a die-hard Star Wars sci-fi series lover, Tom Bingham (retired printer) amalgamated these two loves of his life and came up with the collection of Star Wars themed guitars. The collection comprises of Millennium Falcon guitar, Tom’s B-wing fighter guitar and another one based around a Jedi Anakin Fighter.

Main attraction of the whole lot is Millennium Falcon guitar which is made from ground zero using 140 pieces of the popular Star Wars Millennium Falcon model kit and the process amigo’s was a very painstaking one as he had to provide rigid support for the guitar’s neck too. But amazingly even after suffering from chronic arthritis Tom managed tis feat in three months and boy I tell you the result looks amazing.

Not only this Tom has build vinyl record guitar, chessboard guitar and cricket bat guitar in the past too.

Dailymail / TheSun



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