Permoveh is a four wheeled drivable vehicle for mobility like none other

How about an uber cool four wheeled rig that can move in any direction aided by a control device for commuting in any direction without a glitch? Sounds like a lucrative prospect don’t you think? Well, if you are one of those who like to push buttons for ultra-portability when it comes to operating anything movable under your butt then researchers at Kyoto University have developed the apt solution for your comfort. Called as Permoveh (Personal Mobile Vehicle) the four wheeled vehicle has wheels which can move in any direction with the help of diagonal and sideways freedom for movement.

According to Masaharu Komri (Associate Professor Kyoto University) Permoveh is hyper portable and its movement allows for mobility in very constricted spaces too which can be used in the movement of wheelchairs for example. Not only that the vehicle can be used commercially I the movement of heavy inventory from one place to the other.




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