Holy gees my tattoo is tingling, probably a call from my mom!

I always get stick from my friends and family for not receiving their calls, but I can’t help it, the ringtone and vibration is not strong enough to reach my ears. You would say, probably I’m deaf and lost my senses all-together, either ways Nokia has filed a patent for new kind of technology that in the future will at least save my near and dear ones from this never ending frustration, and for me getting embarrassed every time someone says “Dude you didn’t pick up my call, I had some important work” will finally end.

The patent is about a magnetic tattoo ink that reacts to the change in magnetic field around it or when stimulated by a certain signal, for example when a phone sends magnetic pulse. This way when someone calls you a tattoo embedded on your skin will give a sensation of vibration because of the magnetic ink and you’ll be alerted instantly. According to Nokia the tattoo can give off single or multiple pulses to distinguish different like new message, alarm, missed call or probably the signal for that dreaded “Battery Low”.

Via: News.Discovery/Digitalversus/Heraldsun



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