Steampunk amplifier now complete with boiler speakers is geek’s dream come alive

Steakpunk creations are always on the extreme end of the geeky meter and the boiler speakers and Steampunk amplifier truly belong to that category. Featured over at Coppersteam the first one to be made was the Steampunk tube amplifier (also known as valve amp) that can be built by any techno geek in no time. To compliment these amplifiers the next job was to make Boiler Speakers in Steampunk flavor and they look awesome I must say.

Made from copper cans the speakers sound great considering they are just 4 inches and the full range drivers in copper cans make the music loud. Although not Hi-Fi drivers by the highest standards, these speakers are good looking enough to brag about. The next in line of these out of the box Steampunk projects is the audiophile dream build, so better watch out.

Via: Coppersteam



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