This Mini Cowley Caravan and Swindon gets me in the mood for camping

Whether it is your Mini Cooper, Clubman or Countryman weekends are going to be more fun and adventurous with the Cowley Caravan and Swindon roof-compatible tent for two. Always looking to reinvent the Mini brand in ways which increases its overall utility this new addition is surely going to be a big hit with people who like outdoors more than staying indoors and watching Man Vs. Wild.

Coming onto this latest addition of Swindon tent which is a collapsible box on top of your car it makes camping and enjoying the star studded night much more fun as two people can easily cuddle up in this space.

While the Cowley caravan is much more of a complete package that can easily be your second home as the caravan is complete with twin-burner gas stove, water tank, refrigerator, stereo system and TV/DVD player. The electronics are powered with the solar panel so it is perfectly in tune with green living as well. So don’t you think that it’s time to hit the roads on an adventure like never before? I’m sure you are also thinking the same.

Via: Autoevolution



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