First graphene-based processors work in tablets for 3 months without recharge

Research in graphene has reached an extent where researchers from the most touted Digital Core Design laboratory, Poland have developed, what they claim, is the world’s first processor made from graphene. Being different to other conventional materials in property, graphene conductors are meant to transport electronic signals, with graphene transistors meant to switch different order magnitudes in speeds relatively faster than other conventional transistors or conductors very efficiently.

Digital Core Design’s graphene based BYT-ON processor that has polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons instead of the regular silicon structure can operate at speeds of up to 99.13% the speed of light, yet maintain 99.85% efficiency compared to its silicon-based equivalents. In a research the BYT-ON processors were embedded in tablets in January till March, the researchers where amazed to find the super-efficient BYT-ON processors ran for these three months without the need to recharge battery.

Via: PR/Embedded



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