Transition flying car to be shown off at New York Auto Show

New York Auto Show is slated to commence from tomorrow and one entry that everyone will be looking forward to keenly is the Flying Car, Transition, developed by blokes over at Massachusetts-based Terrafugia Inc. With first test flights of the production prototype version complete as Transition stayed airborne for eight minutes at altitude of 1,400 feet this six-year long car project has had its share of odd times in this journey as legal and technical obstacles have hampered its development.

Transition has seating capacity for two and the wings fold on each side and can touch speeds of 70 mph on the ground and 115 mph in the air with mileage of 35 miles per gallon (unleaded automotive fuel) which is quite good. Around 100 people have backed this project with a total sum of $ 10,000 and the amount is expected to rise after the exposure at New York Auto Show. Now, to make this dream car hit the roads commercially, Terrafugia has to acquire permission to use lightweight tires and glass material. Whereas to fly Transition pilots need to pass a test and have 20 hours of flying time under their belt.

As its development has gone through such turmoil and the technology used is upbeat the price too is pocket burning one at $ 279,000. Check out the video below to see Transition in action.




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