Furniture made from recycled motorcycle parts is an auto lover’s fantasy

Motorbike-lovers have a reason to rejoice as Classified Moto, a Virginia based furniture manufacturer, has crafted bike inspired furniture. The custom furniture collation made from reclaimed material includes coffee tables, lighting fixtures, and floor lamps. They are made out of original parts of old motorcycles that used to roar the Japanese roads back in ’70s and ’80s. The Café Table from the collation that enticed me the most is made up of wooden top finished with a punched steel bezel and stands still on three stubborn chrome fork tubes procuring an external support of three matching springs and shock absorbers from underneath the tabletop.

Similarly, the Classified Moto Lamp collection makes good use of upcycled shock absorbers, brake rotors, and polished chrome fork tubes to give them typical Classified finish. In a quest to create something really interesting, guys at Classified Moto converted Japanese vintage bikes of ’80s into adorable pieces of furniture. You can also own a piece of motorcycle history for $200-$1,500, depending on the item you purchase.

Via: Uncrate/Classified Moto



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