This Steampunk PS3 case mod is daddy of’em all

Every time we dive deep into infinite world of internet to find out something interesting that leaves our readers spell bound. This time also our long extensive search has turned out to be fruitful as we came across this beautiful retro-futuristic fabrication by Kyle Miller aka Thin Gypsy Thief. The Steampunk PlayStation 3 case mod commissioned by an anonymous steampunk aficionado is entirely hand-built at his studio using custom woodworking. Kyle has made a good use of black walnut & maple wood and quality brass sheet to replace the shiny black plastic body to morph the 7th generation console into an object of Queen’s era.

Fitted with brass plumbing parts and old switches, the whole setup appears to be mechanical rather than electric. The modder hasn’t made any changes in its hardware. Although, there is no info and images of the PS3 controller, but I would be tempted to have one with steampunk finish and brown leather padding attached to it for better grip.

Via: ThinGypsyThief



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