Liquid body armor that hardens on impact is much lighter and stronger than traditional armors

Global defense, aerospace and security firm BAE Systems have developed a liquid gel material that can be used in body armor for soldiers to ward off bullets and knife stabs. This new revolutionary material is known as ‘Shear Thickening’ liquid which can be stuffed inside ten layers of Kevlar which is 45% thinner than the conventional body armors made from Kevlar layers, approximately 40 layers. What this does is, it makes the body armor much lighter and flexible to wear especially in hot and humid regions like Afghanistan or Iraq giving soldiers much more freedom in movement and reducing the fatigue time considerably.

The most interesting property of this material is that it has special molecules which collide and stick to each other whenever they are disturbed, and more the disturbance the more tightly they stick to each other producing an impregnable layer of liguid goo which expands the area over which impact energy is dispersed. This way it decreases the probability of injury due to bullet pieces forcing the traditional body armors inside leading to painful bruising, cracked bones or ribs and trauma to internal organs.

At this point in time the body armor can withstand bullets from 9mm handgun and the next step is to render bullets impotent from other powerful weapons like AK-47.

Via: FoxNews/TGdaily



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