A couch that is comfortable and sounds good too!

This is no ordinary sofa that only gives you a relaxing feeling when you crash into it at the end of a hectic day; rather it is a complete package of multimedia wellness that will blow your mind away. Sound Sofa by CSL Sofas is a music sofa that has in-build iPod dock and charging station, memory card slot and Bluetooth connectivity for listening to music or enjoying any other audible content from the cozy comforts of your sofa. The sound is simply awesome from this sound setting of three speakers and a bass box inside the Sound Sofa which delivers 2.1 stereo sound for an unmatchable experience. This sofa can seat up to 5 people comfortably and retails for £999 (approx. US$ 1,588) and will fit perfectly inside your living space.

Sound Sofa supports almost all popular music formats and does away with all the messy cables that are accustomed to a Hi-Fi systems and courtesy its Bluetooth connectivity you can easily hook up gaming devices for non-stop fun. With all this technology stuffed inside this sofa there is no compromise in comfort or design of Sound Sofa so you can expect to have a long nap amidst this cozy sofa and yes serene music too.

Jason Tyldesley, managing director CSL:

We wanted to create a modern and most importantly affordable fabric sofa which offers more than just comfort. This stylish sofa is perfect for music lovers and is a great all-in-one entertainment system but effectively only costs the price of a great value corner group sofa.

Via: MarketWire/ElectronicHouse



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