Futuristic three ships-like floating hotel calls guests to a virgin world on water

Floating hotels are new form of architecture of late, most hotels with exemplary designs have graced many web pages over time, and this one that’s by far the most peculiar, takes things way too far into the future. Three Spirits – a project by Filip Kurzewski from the Warsaw University of Technology projects hotel in form of three unique ships. The well formulated ships are an outcome of designer’s personal experience, and are well formed to deliver a virgin underwater world for guests to explore.

The ships are a great attraction for any onlooker or guest and are a project well consulted with naval architects for appropriate localization of the concept and its applications. The three ships of the Three Spirits have a distinct function and separate units, so they can be separated for different cruises and can be assembled again. The first ship has a ballroom; the second one has a casino while the third ship has a multifunctional hall for all sorts of functions and programs. The other attractions of the ships are recreation areas for adventures in the ocean – including scuba diving, and the lovely common water area for swimming that forms when the three ships meet.



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