As Doomsday strikes you could be sipping coffee in luxurious underground shelter

Hose, the doomsday prophecy of December 21st, 2012 scares the hell out of me and probably you too. But if you have got a big pocket then there is no need to worry as everyone else faces the wrath of doomsday you’ll be sitting cozy in a couch watching daily soaps on your TV! There are a dozen probable apocalyptic scenarios being proposed by the proponents of doomsday and that is the reason why this Doomsday Shelter under a Kansas prairie developed by Larry Hall is you best chance of avoiding and even surviving the so called ‘End of the world’.

Just like we don’t know when a disaster will strike the chances of doomsday actually happening cannot be predicted concretely too. But people with big moolah will leave nothing to chance as already four buyers have registered for space in the Doomsday Shelter having luxurious underground pads which are completely self-sustainable. It can house up to 70 people for eternity and will cost around $7 million in return for the luxurious living conditions which include a theater, library, swimming pool, school and medical center too.

Now this is a much more practical approach than buying a lavish hone in the Palm Island because id the doomsday comes then you’ll have a much higher chance of survival. Even if the doomsday prophecy falls flat on its face com December 21st then also you’ll have a niche holiday location to chill out!

Via: Dailymail/UberGizmo



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