Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table is not for people with short arms

In a world where we are all going wireless and gaming consoles are getting beefed up with controllers that are getting slim this Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table is an exception however. Made in the shape of the much liked old Nintendo gaming controller the table is fully functional when it comes to striking the individual control keys which are huge as compared to the standard controller keys.

Designed by Charles Lushear the Nintendo Coffee Controller Table is constructed from high quality materials like maple, mahogany and walnut with the dovetail joinery and mid-century modern legs supporting the whole frame.

When you are not using this table for your mundane gaming it can serve as any other living room table by adding the top glass panel which will surely turn some heads and watch-out for people frowning their eyebrows in envy. If you want to buy this coffee table then head straight over to Etsy.




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