Tibaldi-Bentley limited edition Crewe fountain pen marks Bentely’s 60th anniversry

What do you get when two giants from their domain of expertise collaborate to come up with something exquisite? Yes, you guessed it right, something that is priceless and worth cherishing for your whole life. Tibaldi Pens and Bentley have joined hands to come up with a collection of limited edition fountain pens that truly portrays style, grandeur, picture perfect precision and grand history of both these huge brands. The limited edition Crewe 60th fountain pen celebrates the eventful history of Bentley in the city of Crewe, Cheshire, England where the brand peaked during the World War 2.

This limited edition collection pays homage to this very contribution of the Bentley Crewe factory in building the brand so big. In this limited edition of fountains pens include 40 white gold Tibaldi fountain pens and 400 silver fountain pens. The collection will be available through PowerfulPens and the starting price is $7,700 so you better hurry as others will also be queuing up to own one of these historically significant piece of Tibaldi-Bentley collection.

Via: PowerfullPens/PRWeb



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