iOS and Android compatible Pebble smartwatch is a dream watch

E-ink watches aren’t new to us, and so isn’t the concept of smartwatches. But, a really fascinating Kickstarter project wants us the reimage the two. Dubbed the Pebble, this is an e-paper display smartwatch, which, courtesy Bluetooth, is compatible with both iOS and Android. A built in vibration motor on the smartwatch alerts you on a notification, which maybe anything from incoming call, email, twitter or facebook notification.

Sadly for iOS user the watch doesn’t notify on a text message, but the Android users can get text message notifications too. The very interesting thing about the watch is that it will come with a customizable face, which will be available in various options to the user. Another USP of the watch is the apps; the watch with the built-in GPS and music abilities can be used with different apps to display speed and distance when you are running and to play music, when you need it to. The watch once real will cost you $115, while red and white colors will cost $125.

Via: Wired/Engadget/SlashGear



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