Adastra Luxury Superyacht dances to the tunes of an iPad

The world (especially industrial designers) tends to look at superyachts as future of our transportation that will overtake conventional means of commuting in coming years. Though they are helping their case very well by designing such amazing yachts. Adastra superyacht, for example, that mimics a trimaran, is a 42.5 meter long luxury yacht commissioned by a Hong Kong-based shipping industry billionaire Anto Marden. The yacht that hit the headlines back in 2011 took more than five years to complete, and saw the day light on the 12th of April in China’s Pearl River.

Here we have to thank yacht designer John Shuttleworth for our astonishment and, of course, the tech team for loading the gigantic grey water cruiser with hi-tech features. To be precise, the yacht can be controlled by an iPad from a range of 50 meters. The developer has very cleverly made use of lightweight material like glass, Kevlar and carbon-fiber to enhance its fuel efficiency.

Well, if you are inquisitive about the money spent on the yacht, then you need to hold your breath as the finished project cost the billionaire around US$15 million.

Via: Tuaw/Dailymail/JohnShuttleworth



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