Space Whisky: Researcher preparing zero gravity whisky aboard the ISS

In the bid to discover a new taste of the future; a Scottish distillery Ardbeg, on approach of US-based space research agency has blasted unmatured ingredients for single malt up to the International Space Station to see how they mature in near zero gravity. The Ardbeg distillery based on the west coast island of Islay, sent the ingredient along with particles of charred oak to the Space Station in an unmanned cargo spacecraft sometime back in October 2011.

The experiment is first case ever when terpenes (molecules that give whisky it taste and aroma) and other particles have been mixed together in space. The experiment will last for about 2 years before the crafted molecules, the unmatured malts in the orbit, can be brought to earth where it will be compared with similar mixtures to see how the two compare.

Via: Metro/BBC



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