Craving for size, Tivoli Audio delivers 152cm tall PAL XL radio

In the fast-paced world with everything increasing in size to tickle our sense, we’ve become accustomed to everything large in size. Catering to our utility, Tivoli Audio has revamped its PAL AM/FM radio to a supersized version in the Tivoli Audio PAL XL. For all of us crazy about all things large (and I mean no pun) the PAL XL stands tall at 152cm and comes with a single, all weather-resistant, 63.5cm full range driver. The radio can be run off a normal power socket, and for bettering things, it also has a built-in NiMH rechargeable battery which keeps the radio pepped up for good three hours all wirelessly.

A perfect radio solution for all grand garden parties or conferences etc. in commercial premises, the PAL XL may not seem portable at a cursory glance, but to inform, the device has a concealed caster feet which aids it to be moved about more freely. Priced at £1499.90 (approx. US$ 2400), the Tivoli radio produces crisp and clear sound, and has auxiliary ports so that you can connect devices like iPhone or MP3 players and can also stick in your earphone for stereo sound.

Via: On-Mag/TivoliAudio



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