Dror for Tumi transforming luggage line is fit for any travel mode

People with a busy and hectic lifestyle are always on the move, right from going in and out of airports to going on vacations or business meetings. And obviously for all these modes of life one keeps a luggage, carry bag or backpacks to stuff in all the important stuff for the occasion. So wouldn’t it be great to have a luggage that transforms into something that solves the purpose of travel and also suits the occasion? For example a bag pack that transforms into a carry bag and then maybe a travel kit that transforms into a travel satchel.

Dror Benshetrit has developed a new innovative luggage line with 18 months of research that has a transform follow function which consists of eight different pieces each for a specific travel mode or occasion. The line goes by the name Dror for Tumi and you can check out the video below for insight on how the luggage line transforms into anything that you want for particular travel mode. And yes, the collection will debut in Milan next week so do watch out.

Via: Core77



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