Solar-powered car crafted from cheap recycled material by Chinese engineering student

Giving a solid example of a true environmentalist, Zhu Zhenlin – a 19 years old engineering student – who hails from Chain’s Zhejiang province, has created a green car that is entirely powered by sun’s energy. Yes, the home-made solar powered car is completely made out of recycled material gathered from a nearby junkyard. DIYes removed all the unnecessary parts so as to keep it as light as possible for better efficiency. The car that is 3.2m in length weighs around 400 Kgs and cost him mere ¥ 15,000 ($2,370).

As you can see, such an endeavor doesn’t come easy – the high school student had to dig deeper into the heap of junk to discover those 10,000 parts required to build the project and assemble them in a way to make a creepy looking car that has a top speed of 40km/h, and is capable of going up to 70km on a single charge. The electric battery takes four (4) hours to charge with the help of 22 solar panels when parked in full sun shine, and on a cloudy day it can be re-charged by connecting to household electricity.

Via: WhatsOnNingbo/Sina



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