Introducing first fully automatic instant 360 degree panoramic camera

CCTV cameras and other type of surveillance and security cameras are a common site these days. Still one important facet that these cameras lack is the ability to see and record in all direction. Now, with an objective to relieve police, military, media and other sectors, NCTech has introduced, what they call, the world’s first fully automatic instant 360 degree panoramic camera (that consumes only 15 minutes to capture and generate a 50 megapixel spherical image) at the SPAR international 2012 in Texas.

Dubbed the iSTAR, and we can confirm it has nothing to do with Apple, is simple to use camera and is packed with state of the art features. The camera has a very innovative internal processing facet, which allows the camera to process the images internally, thus eliminating the need to process the images externally. The iSTAR, even before it official launch has received preorders exceeding what the makers expected, and believe that the camera has tremendous potential.

Fully automatic 360 degree panoramic camera has a touchscreen button to operate on the top and has a feature that allows the camera to be controlled remotely by a tablet. The camera can also be easily liked to a monitor to telecast live action and is available in two options, the Fusion and Pulsar – both good to capture 360 degree horizontal and about 280 degree vertical. The panoramic camera is greatly beneficial for the military which can use it for location based information and heritage and construction departments where it can be used it Lidar scanning process.

Via: ProductPage/PRWeb



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