Steampunk iPhone case brings some rust to your palm

Paul Marsh takes DIY as a hobby and a passion, which is apparent in one of his greatest creations. His unending love for the steampunk world leads him to push the limits and give origin to this amazing iPhone case that takes us back to the Victorian era. Each case is handmade from salvaged material such as clock parts, copper sheets, etc. All the recycled material is beautifully molded in platinum silicone, cast in a thick sheet of Polyurethane and then coated with metal powder to give it a real rustic metal finish.

These bespoke creations are a solid proof of his years of experience and handcraftsmanship, which we assume is reason for designs so practical and artwork so beautiful. Available in limited edition of only 50 units, each case will be available for $64 at Etsy.

Via: Etsy



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