AT-AT Walker cat house, my cat desperately needs one!

I love my cat, and so I love my Star Wars memorabilia, but I had ever imagined there was a way I could get the two together for world peace, just literally. Some geek with the frenzy for two however did me and all of you like me a favor by building an AT-AT Walker cat condo at home. The Cat house by Reddit user BillyAppletini (who made it for his friend) is something every Star Wars fan with a cat would love at his place with the dog staring at you for recognition. Decked in with Tauntaun, the luxurious CAT-AT Walker is fitted inside with bird trophies, painting, a mini bar and disco ball, and has a perfect AT-AT appearance on the outside. BillyAppletini estimates the construction cost of the CAT-AT at about $1000, so think twice before you fans try one of your own, and then don’t blame us later that we didn’t inform!

Via: Craftzine



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