Fully customizable jet-skie by Venom Design will spoil you for choices

Jet-skies are always a good way to enjoy the thrill of water sports and what better if you own one the most stylish jet-skies of them all. Venom Design has come up with a range of customizable jet- skies that will spoil you for choices as they come in 32 different color combinations with the most expensive ones coming in chrome or gold paint job options. The customization bit doesn’t end here as you can get matching seating styles (in quilted, rolled, chesterfield or plain) makes with the option to go for effects such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich or carbon texture.

You can choose the make of your jet-ski with names like Sea Doo, Yamaha or any other option and for clients who own a jet-ski already; Venom Design can give it a make-over too. The customization can have logo stitching on seats or multi-colored deck and foot paddles too for $1,618. On the other hand if you have the tenacity to spend a maximum of $14,563 then the customization bit can be virtually endless.

Via: VenomDesign/SuperYachtTimes



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