Mind-boggling 3D wire sculptures gives a whole new meaning to creative thinking

Don’t you dare to mistake these pictures for a cool line drawing because it is much more than what you could ever have imagined. Have a look closely and you’ll realize that this in fact is a weave of mesh wire that has brought to life 3D wire sculpture. Created by Chinese artist Shi Jindian, the steel wires are amazingly brought to life with a very unique technique for this intricate art form.

The process for creating these 3D steel wire sculpture is very detailed in which Shi first wraps the steel wires around real objects and then destroys or carefully removes every single component of the object leaving behind something that is truly amazing. Now as you can assume the time put into these kind of art forms, it took Shi almost years to construct them from the very start till the end. So ladies and gentlemen savor the joy of watching this very niche art form and do tell your views in the comments section.

Via: ShiJindian/MyModernMet


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