Musikbox by Interlubke is one hi-fi jukebox for digital age and much more

In this digital age where we carry our music in the cloud we have almost sidelined the ever so popular must have for geeks, the Ghetto Blaster and good old Boom Boxes. But now three giants in their field of work have come up with Jukebox called Musikbox that took two years of development and the project was initiated by Christian Friedrich. Werner Aisslinger (as molder), Interlubke (as furnishing expert) and Linn (expert in high-end sound systems) have built Jukebox that has the qualities of storage furniture and music locker.This high end mix of hi-fi furniture for digital age converts your living room into a concert hall with the ability to connect with devices including iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

With the speakers placed acoustically at a distance of 2.5 meters the audio quality is complementary to that of studio quality music. Double that up with separate compartments for storage of accessories, technical devices or other storage media and you won’t have to look at anything else than this Musikbox.

To see Musikbox in action click here and learn more.

Via: DesignLines/Aisslinger



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