Soon you’ll have cozy sleep on ocean bed inside Water Discus Hotel in Dubai

Dubai is certainly at the pinnacle of modern architecture with Burj Khalifa, man-made islands and other structure that mesmerize everyone. And now a new challenge beckons the architects as plans to build a hotel half submerged in water called as the Water Discus Hotel have been finalized by the designers at DOT (Deep Ocean Technology). This modern marvel of architecture will be constructed by building company Drydocks World in association with Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult. Water Discus Hotel will be half-submerged in the ocean at a distance of 10 meters with 21 rooms located next to a spell-bounding underwater dive centre and bar.

The two parts of the structure, one above water and one underwater will be connected through three legs and vertical shaft having lift and stairways taking the guests into a beautiful world away from sunshine.

Special lighting system will illuminate the flora and fauna directly in view of the guest via transparent glass surface as they virtually sleep among the sea creatures in the Water Discus Hotel. The top disc of the hotel will be build in such a way that it takes on any wrath of nature and the underwater disc will automatically surface to the ocean surface in event of danger.

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