MoonMachine by Stephan Sarpaneva depicts moon phases, northern sky and his own face too

Depicting celestial phenomenon of the northern stars, constellations and corona this MoonMachine timepiece by Finnish watchmaker Stephan Sarpaneva is the first one to bequeath a Horlogical Machine having new compilations by the watchmaker. Two moon faces of the watch indicate the moon phase throught a beautiful Corona shaped aperture and the mystery winding rotor is a steel is made from 22K gold disc having laser-pierced stars depicting the true position of stars and constellation in northern sky including Big Dipper/Big Plough/Big Bear, plus the seven brightest stars of Ursa Minor, more commonly known as the Little Dipper/Little Bear, which includes Polaris, the North star.

MoonMachine is available in three limited editions of 18 pieces each including titanium case with white gold moon faces in a light blue sky, black titanium case with white gold moon faces in a dark blue sky and red gold case with red gold moon faces in an anthracite sky.

The overall shape of the watch look like a frog sitting in his comfort zone waiting for the kill but don’t mistake it to be any other slimy frog as HM3 frog sits perpendicular to your wrist and the domes of MoonMachine look like the bulging out eyes. In-fact Stephan has based the MoonMachine moon faces on his own look which is surprising and funny at the same time.

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