Aster bench from Neri has built-in wi-fi and OLED lighting

A few days back we brought you the Kettal Cottage relaxing lounge that doesn’t integrate any tech features. But, Aster from Neri gives a news identity to ultra-modern outdoor living as it combines design with technology. The design that provides comfort and privacy at the same time is a true urban cocoon offering an easy access to your lovable gadgets, and wi-fi for smooth browsing and streaming of relaxing music via Bluetooth connectivity. The roof is fitted with an ultra-thin film of organic OLED lights which a user can turn on and/or off with the help of a touch sensitive panel embedded in the bench.

Another peculiarity of the cocoon is its ability to automatically play songs of birds in the day time, and chirping sounds of crickets during the sunset for that eternal peace. Moreover, the bench is eco-friendly as it’s made up of biodegradable material, i.e., it leaves zero carbon footprints after being trashed.



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