Wearable music player that mixes viral music with passing by fitness obsessed blokes

The rage for wearable fitness products is taking the urban world by the storm and that very fact prompted Michele Tittarelli to design a MP3 player with a ting of gaming elements and of course human anatomy of muscles and ligaments. This wearable personal trainer/MP3 player allows one to share their music automatically with passersby possessing this very product and if the song being currently played in your playlist matches with the BPM (beats per minute) of the song played in your playlist then it is remixed. You can choose either to accept the song or leave it and the developer calls this remote intrusion of music from complete strangers as music virus, of course in a good way.

The current prototype of this product wirelessly transmits data courtesy Xbee to Max/MSP and comes in three training modes; Fun, Fun+ and Sport for determining your training regime for the week. The idea seems pretty interesting but only time will tell hoe people want to accept it when finally it is out for sale.

Via: FashionTech



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