Eye microchip device infuses new hope for the blind who want to see this beautiful world

Eye experts in UK have come up with a very innovative solution to give bling eyes of their own so that they can see the world in colors just like we do. So far the technology seems to be going well as the initial batch of British patients to receive electronic microchips were regaining basic vision just weeks after fitting the microchip inside the eye. Lending new hope to patients suffering from retinitis pigmentation (RP), a genetic condition responsible for permanent blindness, Retina Implant AG (leading subretinal implants developer) successfully implanted the wireless microchip inside to RP suffering patients.

Shortly, ten more British RP patients will be fitted with this device by the team led by Tim Jackson, a consultant retinal surgeon at King’s College Hospital and Robert MacLaren, a professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Oxford and a consultant retinal surgeon at the Oxford Eye Hospital. Robin Milla, aged 60 from London is one of the patients fitted with the microchip and 1500 electrodes implanted below the retina and says that since the device was installed he is able to detect light and identify outlines of objects.

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