Take a bow to the Dragon Fyre Jet Truck that is mean machine to the core

Have a look at this red devil and you’ll hail to its mighty heart. Called as the Dragon Fyre Jet Truck, this 1940 Ford pick-up truck is one of its kinds in the world. This creation comes courtesy Dave Modder who had plans for building an old-school, early-40’s jet-powered pickup from a very long time and one problem that bugged him out was to figure out how to extend the bed of the truck to accommodate jet powered engine (General Electric J-85 after-burning turbo jet engine) alongside original 40’s Ford truck that had a wheelbase of 118 inch.

The solution came by extending the wheelbase to 135 inches which made space for the engine as well as the after burner. Sitting at 52 inches tall this bulging faced monster on wheels has a very cool custom hot rod look which is further enhanced by the red color (by Z-Rodz & Customs) it is draped in.

To prevent the truck from lifting off the ground and create enough down force a NASCAR COT style chin spoiler and rear wing is also there along with the added vents on the back of fenders for air outlet. For extra stability the roof is fitted with strakes and 4 trap door vents on the tailgate permit air outflow from the box.



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  1. Scott Anderson says:

    This truck was custom built with Mr. Modders help, by Competition Fabrications, Maple Park, Illinois.

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