Aperion ARIS wireless speakers play digital audio from any device in crystal clear sound

Aperion Audio has revealed its latest wireless speaker for people who like to play their music sans any wire connections to the speakers from any corner of your home. Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems the Aperion ARIS wireless speaker is compatible with almost all the music playing devices including smartphones, tablet PC or laptop. Connected through a WiFi network or directly through an Ethernet cable, ARIS can deliver quality audio which will be food for your ears whether you are listening to music in the night time or simply playing it in low volume for your guests.

Made from single-piece brushed aluminum enclosure and having an adjustable (removable) base the speakers deliver 100 W RMS power in three sound modes including natural, bass boost and enhanced stereo. You can buy ARIS for the price of $499 and once you pace the order, Aperion ARIS will be delivered by mid-June.

Via: MocoLoco



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