Another Guinness: Submarine converted into world’s first and only deep sea bar

It’s not easy to venture into domains no man has previously experienced, but will, determination and the zeal to make it happen has often compelled us to break the shackles of limitation and to venture beyond bounds. This is exactly what talented individuals from Jump Studios in collaboration with carpenter and engineer, Nicholas Alexander have done, by building a submarine into the first and only deep sea bar in the world.

Designed in commemoration of Guinness’ 250 year anniversary, the entire concept required mandatory attention towards proper ventilation, fire and seepage safety. The creators kept eye on each aspect, and very eminently examined the submarine at Sweden’s Stockholm Archipelago, pre-fabricated the interiors and assembled the different useful components in sub-zero temperatures, prior to finally submersing the vessel into the Baltic Sea.

The interiors of the sub, transformed into a deep sea bar, have meticulously done in rubber discs covered glass reinforced plastic material. The bar thus has a very bubbly aroma, which is filled with LED lights, while some holes left to work as beverage holders.

Via: Inhabitat



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