Sports car-inspired boat is luxuriously ‘Tender’ and amphibious

Sports cars aren’t alone trendsetters on road, they can also be design inspirations for many on waters, well it sounds confusing, but it’s true! This is what NZ Tenders claims with respect to the GT Tender amphibious boat they have conceived in collaboration with New Zealand based Vaudrey Miller Yachts. The former states that exteriors of the bespoke 8.5 meter amphibious boat, details to which have been released by the naval architect of the tender, Georgi Yankov of GY Boat Design, is inspired by a sports car (though no one car in particular).

Not like many other efficient amphibious vehicles that can do wonders on both land and water, the 8.5-metre tender is basically made to run on water rather than to be driven on roads. Though, the custom boat can very effectively do 35 knots on water and 6mph on shore, this thanks to the boats sports car-like characteristics, which most prominently include, high and low beam headlights on both sides in the front deck and well fixed tail-lights.

Released way back in March this year, the tender will be exhibited 2012 Monaco Yacht Show in September, where, we’re sure, people will flock in to see the solid carbon composite and epoxy resin crafted boat, that’s built using female CNC moulds. The boat is customized to seat six people including the driver; the boat has a 370ph single D6 Volvo engine and draws power from an air-cooled Kohler DKW 2204T engine when on land. Priced at about euro 700,000, the tender with side windows, mini fridge, basin, marine audio entertainment system and a three stage carbon telescopic wheelchair boarding ramp, is surely a luxury ride to savor.

Via: SuperYachtDesign



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