SoundVision’s real wood TV stands with integrated 2.1 sound system, iPhone/iPad dock

SoundVision, with the ultra-cool and innovative in-home audio and video solutions has certainly got the home entertainment market to spin on its head. Combining superb modernity, Apple product compatibility with uncluttered design, SoundVision has technology imbibed (anything from 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound) to deliver the finest quality sound and entertainment possible for geek delight.

Embarking on the SoundVision’s success are company’s three new products – the SV-2900, the SV-1800 and the SV 1600.

The SV-2900 measuring at 1800x390x841mm, is one of those rare TV stands that comes in real wood and black piano finish. Good to accommodate any LED/LCD as large as 60-inches, the SV-2900 has a 2.1 Sound system, with 400mV input sensitivity and 40Hz-180Hz subwoofer. The SV-2900 doubles as an iPhone/iPad and iPod dock that not only charges the Apple gadgetry but also plays your favorite music and videos from your library or YouTube. For multimedia playback and connectivity, the SV-2900 has a USB port, HDMI port, a 3.5mm jack and HD video output. The SV-1800 however differs from the SV-2900 only it’s in measurement, the SV-1800 measures at about 1800x390x400mm.

The SV 1600 on the other hand measures in at 1500x390x450mm, carved in a similar in real wood and black piano finish, the SV 1600 only good to accommodate a TV lesser that 50-inches in size. Stuffed in with a 2.1 Sound system 120W musical and 40Hz-180Hz subwoofer, the SV 1600 TV stand also functions as a iPhone/iPad and iPod dock and playback unit.



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