Most expensive customizable in-ear monitors make listening look as good as it sounds

It’s been a while since we saw gold-plated headphones customized by Crystal Rocked, and now we have found something that will send shivers down your spines as it’s capable enough to provide you a high level of noise reduction from ambient surroundings, and certainly cost a fortune. Ultimate Ears is the brand behind this astonishing creation that is going to take place of your huge studio monitoring headphones as these in-ear monitors are crafted to look and sound exactly like you want them to. Entitled with the world’s first and most expensive in-ear personally tuned custom in-ear monitors, Ultimate Ears’ Personal Reference Monitors (PRM) are custom-fitted earphones that feature customized sonic preferences. Igniting your passion for music, the PRM comes bundled with some certain kind of sound setting via a small device called Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Box offering users flexibility to tune highs, mids, and lows of the output.

This very feature lets users play with the device. For example, the user will turn up the lows if he/she prefers high bass. Moving personal customization a level up, the handcrafted Ultimate Ears PRM are designed keeping in mind the prerequisites of audiophiles who want outstanding sound quality, ultimate level of personalization, and comfort.

These earphones offer not only sound customization, but also the looks as users can choose from four different hand-crafted fine-wood faceplates. Moreover, the PRM feature five speakers per side in a 3-way configuration, 26 dB of isolation, and passive noise cancellation.

Launching in beginning of June 2012, the earphones will cost you a whopping $1,999.99.



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