iXoost docking audio system for iPhone and iPod is orchestra of sound and metal

Have a look at this hand-built iPhone/iPod docking station and your eyes will surely pop-out from the sockets. Called as iXoost, this has to be one of the best combinations of elegant design, form factor, audio performance and the intuitiveness of the designer Micro Pecorari. The name itself is inspired from English pronunciation of the word ‘exhaust’ and being the brain child of Matteo Panini this iPhone/iPod is one that will completely blow your nuts out. Designed completely by craftsmen based in Modena gives the iXoost a unique feel and look which cannot be matched by any other docking station so far. Having a 140 W active subwoofer the music is amazing with acoustic details providing an unparalleled listening experience.

Talking about the exteriors of this eye provoking docking audio system, it is crafted from highest quality leather with never before seen exhaust manifolds giving it a signature look as well as music that cannot be provided with an ordinary audio system. You can assimilate the precision crafting of this iPhone/iPod docking station from the fact that base is made from solid aluminum blocks and the exhaust manifold milled using five axis machines.

The wide range of colorful options including red, green, black or blue in silver or titanium finish give it an exemplary feel. Of course the docking audio system comes with an app of its own to configure listening environment and organize playlists for uninterrupted listening extravaganza. So savor some more pictures of this docking station and we would surely want to hear your opinion on the iXoost docking audio system for your iPhone or iPod.



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  1. Ricardo says:

    Seriously??? Won’t break the bank? From $7,890.00 to $11,83.00 for an iPod/iPhone docking station, it would certainly break MY bank!

  2. Ricardo says:

    Excuse my typing, I did mean to say “… to $11,083.00…”

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