Eleven Ravens brings the mighty Spidey underneath your Ping Pong Table

A game on a mere 9 feet long table on which a small ball travels back and forth at a velocity of approximately 50 miles per hour is certainly unlike any other indoor game in the world. Touted to be a highly social game that brings players into an environment where mutual interaction is a vital element, the game props actually deserve something better than a conventional design that hasn’t changed for decades. Fulfilling the wishes of all Ping Pong lovers, Eleven Ravens, a premier table tennis tables manufacturing company in the US, brings you handcrafted sweetness. Crafted from bamboo, teak wood, and aluminum metal, these stunning tables add a touch of elegance to your TT room.

Handmade in the US, the bespoke tables are made by manufacturer’s skilled professionals in a moisture controlled environment using high-quality wood materials. This, undoubtedly, is class which these creations possess and the beauty associated with smooth curves and exquisiteness will certainly create a lot of interest for this game.

However, at this point in time, company hasn’t enlisted prices for these tables, but a close analysis of the neatness and the amount of efforts put in by the team can help you imagine the cost.



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