Amplified Walking concept gives a whole new meaning to personalized urban commuting

It a well-known fact that trend urbanization will have a major impact on the way we get around in cities and less populated areas. Going by the mobility theme it looks probable that people would want a personal means of transportation that is easy to carry around and on the same lines a new urban mobility concept has come to light that is called Amplified Walking that looks to bridge the gap between fast transport and locations within city center. Build from parts such as wheels, motors, batteries and an outer frame the core idea is to amplify the natural walking stance of human beings and provide a much faster means of transport.

The interesting bit is that rather than Amplified Walking being a line of product(s) it is something that can be fully customized by the user in order to suit their specific needs giving them freedom to create their own genre of Amplified Walking. The user can reach biking speeds by natural movement of the feet (just like when we walk) and the apparatus will adapt to the walking pattern of a person. After much experimentation and analysis of the movement of feet Amplified walker can provide stability and control without the fear of falling down while doing so.

Completely customizable courtesy modular building blocks (electromotor, wheels, batteries, steps, suspension and frame) your amplified walker can be perfect for off-road, city commuting or work environment like an office.

Via: Mcbgrob



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