Dirt Showdown PC case mod is treasure trove of inspiration and no “MAYHEM”

Well, it’s difficult to comprehend at first, but “MAYHEM” – a car themed mod, actually houses a full grown PC inside. The modder herewith the “MAYHEM” aka “Dirt Showdown PC” has taken hotrod love and computer mod love to another new level. The PC case mod, constructed using the Fractal-Design’s Artic White Define R3 mid tower, with AMD 8-core FX-8150 3.6GHz processor is inspired by Codemasters’ new DIRT spin-off racing game.

Designed for AMD Giveaway on Facebook, the Dirt Showdown PC case mod has a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 and Pure Black 990FX motherboard stuffed in with 16GB of AMD DDR3 RAM, the case mod uses AMD’s new liquid CPU cooler. The modder has decked up a grill on the front of the Define R3 tower behind which, to cater to his love of night driving sequences in the game, he’s got mini halogen projector lights installed. Each side panel (with 92mm cooling fan) will have single carburetor covers to make the inside of the PC to look like an engine. The PC case mod also has Carbon Fiber Tachometer installed with LEDs and 120mm Turbine fans with machined aluminum rated at 2000 rpm with 79.4 cfm and 30 dBA.

The Dirt Showdown PC case mod is outrightly fantastic; it is actually a treasure trove of inspiration to all of us for greater innovations.



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  1. Mnpctech says:

    Thanks for sharing this project! and please credit the builders at “mnpctech.com”

  2. Yashkoosa says:

    Hi Mnpctech,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion and following DamnGeeky. We have added a reference link of Mnpctech on modders’ project in our post. Please check back. 



  3. Buddee says:

    Why only show the fan mod if you talk about the rest of the computer?

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