Billi Mucklow and Cara Kilbey’s crystal studded silver Peugeot RCZ is all bling

You won’t bet against the fact that TOWIE girls Billi Muchlow and Cara Kilbey would go for anything less than bling bling in something they are associated with. Proving the fact right these glamour girls hit the streets of Essex, London in their specially commissioned Peugeot RCZ (by TOWIE Stars) studded with 81,000 crystals. This special edition limited model of the car marks a tribute to the much prestigious Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and at the same time exemplifies style statement customary to these glamour chicks.

The crystals were carefully embedded onto the Peugeot RCZ by TOWIE Stars team who had to spend many hours in achieving the end result. Once Billi Muchlow and Cara Kilbey hit the road they turned eyeballs and after a while rolled into a garage to buy can of coke and magazines.

Via: DailyMail



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