Caput Mundi loudspeakers are good looking and deliver amazing sound

Pave way for the range of Caput Mundi loudspeakers which are true testimony of what music really should sound like due to their ability to play dynamic range frequencies with utter clarity. The design aesthetics are light and dynamic, signature to Ino Piazza (famous architect planner and interior designer) who managed to incorporate innovative materials like CLAD58 and CORIAN which amplify the acoustic potential to produce clear sound like none other.

Caput Mundi loudspeaker has 3-way and half system with four drivers loaded with dipole speakers and the coaxial compression driver providing range of 90mm – 45mm. The loudspeakers weight 97 kg in total and span across 512 mm and height is 1370mm. for people looking to beautify their living room with a good looking modern day loudspeaker that can deliver thumping sound due to the engineering prowess employed into the manufacturing, Caput Mundi loudspeaker costing €30000 is perfect.



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