Geek builds himself an Android powered interactive mirror display

Transforming a mirror from its sole purpose to a modern day interactive device, a geek has got a mirror to display games and videos streamed from an Android phone. Made to take commands from an Android phone only, the interactive mirror can run and display a host of Android apps including the fortune telling magic 8 ball. With a 16 x 32 LED matrix controlled by and Android phone and featuring an IOIO microprocessor with a Bluetooth chip, the interactive taking magic mirror installation is actually worth trying.

Resources required

2-Way Mirror
RGB 16 x 32 Matrix
IOIO microprocessor Board
Bluetooth Dongle
Android Phone 2.3.3 or above
Black cloth and black foam core board
5V 2A Power Supply
Picture Frame (Antiques shops are good places to find unique looking ones)
Duct tape

Now, when your are down to making one of these interactive mirrors yourself, because you can’t get one off the shelf, just keep the following in mind. Before you get started take the IOIO microprocessor and upgrade it with the bootloader and then install 32 x 16 RBG LED matrix supporting customized IOIO firmware to it. Wire up the installation with the Bluetooth dongle (which will help the Android phone to connect with the mirror) and then cover up the front of the LED matrix with the foam core board and hide the entire thing with a black cloth (using duct tape), for a two way mirror effect. Now, cut the two way mirror to the size of the photo frame and seal the two up tightly, and then mount the LED matrix into the photo frame and there your own interactive taking magic mirror is ready.

Via: Droidalyzer



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