Feather weight backpack folds to fit in your pocket, carries 30 pounds nevertheless

Don’t judge things by their appearance, appearances can be deceptive. The saying has yet again been proven true by the recently announced PackBack from Trek Light Gear. This minimalistic design PackBack backpack weighs only 3 ounces and folds to a size of a wallet, but is solid enough to carry over 30 pounds of weight.

The simple functionality backpack’s strength is courtesy its make. The backpack is made of parachute nylon that’s strong and resistant. However, the backpack isn’t anything like the ones you’re accustomed to. There is no waist belt or anything for support, so all that 30 pounds is going to take a toll on your shoulders alone.

Priced at $27 the tiny backpack has been sold out for now but should be available soon. So if you are looking for a miniscule backpack that hides away in a pocket when not in use, and can store your valuables in the pocket on its outside, then you’ve found it in the PackBack here.

Via: GearJunkie/Gizmodo



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